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Radiant Dog Mod : White Fang

I know … I KNOW ! There are already tons of dog mods. I’m just putting mine make me a room ! So what am i bringing ? A hard custom start with a white dog, already seen, again … i know, but this time *in my humble opinion* with better worked texture than what i saw [See content for details]. Above all this dog belong to a unique distinct race with stronger stats. Reason of this mod creation was me feeling my doggo(s) and even mountain doggos to be kind of weak in fights even well trained. I wanted one stronger fellow like a real Caucasian Ovcharka ! Not as strong as gorillos but around any average skilled recruit. So this new race will be called «White fang» in tribute for that incredible novel story that inspired me.

Please read the last section first, most mods are free but please don’t forget to cheer your mod creators so they don’t fade away.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD CONTENT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Here are what i worked on it physical aspect
  • Fur/hair color moved to light grey. White was resulting too much mess with 3D meshes, the first modder who did it was right indeed to just go for light grey. A black enhanced version was also made with many fixes on bad blue hues on its corpse from the vanilla one.
  • Hair file reworked on alpha map to have thiner hairs.
  • New Husky like eyes (blue-grey) with distinct iris that gives more expression.
  • Bone plate parts colors more unified and a bit darkened to fit better the fur tone, not affected by color tone enlightement, i had to select this part’s pixels manually.
  • Dog’s skin part lightened with mask and a color rework to prevent wrong colors to pop
  • Teeth, pink flesh, tongue and few details were treated separately with progressive limits and keep their true color to prevent being enlightened.
  • Dog’s skin/fur near bones parts, paws and ears darkened to ultimately turn to be a very dark grey.
  • Area around the eyes darkened for again a more husky style. (Also two optional «striped» skins added)
  • Two bags, one invisible, one other visible which is a nice scarf which mesh come from the scarf dog mod !

Here are what his specs looks like : old value (previously assimilated) => new value (closest competitor)

  • Animal Strength : 35 (Bonedog) => 55 (Boneyardwolf = 50)
  • Combat stats : 20 (Bonedog/Mountain) => 35 (Boneyardwolf = 40)
  • Combat move speed mult : 0,7 (Bonedog/Mountain) => 0,8
  • Vision Range mult : 1 (Bonedog/Mountain) => 1,20
  • Speed max skill : 90 (Bonedog/Mountain) => 130 (greenlander =120 / Hives family = 140)
  • Speed min skill : 70 (Bonedog/Mountain) => 80 (Hives family)
  • Walk speed : 15 (Bonedog/Mountain) => 17 (Boneyardwolf)
  • Turn rate : 55 (Bonedog/Mountain) => 70 (Boneyardwolf = 66 / Goat = 77)
  • Heal rate : 1,5 (Bonedog/Mountain) => 1,8
  • Max blood : 250 (Bonedog/Mountain) => 300 (Boneyardwolf)
  • Scale max : 0,85 (Bonedog) => 0,95

These are not balance-breaking buffs as you see, but your dog should be little stronger or around Boneyardwolf efficiency and quite a fast boy for running/scouting but still not as good as hives. Again, keep in mind it’s a full aged doggy we talking about, so you will have to train it !

The start

You start in «The hub» city, because i find this starting location more interresting than the desert. I wrote a particular short story description for that start, for immersion purpose. I hope you will enjoy reading it even if i am not native english speaker. Because of that story, your start will be hard : you are wounded, starving and just with your dog, its 2 kind of bags and a fair condition naginatakatana.

Dog Gear

As for Bags, you now receive two of them at the start of the game, one on your dog, the other in your character inventory. Both are only usable by White Fang. One is the a scarf coming from the Dog Scarf mod, and the other is an invisible bag (i don’t like the pack on the back mods, it’s realistic okay but kinda ruins the look of the dog imo). You just choose to use one and discard or keep the other, they both have the same stats. Scarf color can be changed (follow screenshot instruction steps)

*** All credits for the dog scarf asset goes to MARH, His idea is fantastic and never i would have thought to do that. His mod makes me happy, helping also mine being better, don’t hesitate to cheer/upvote/subscribe his mods!

Optional Heads and body

By default, you will have the «normal» head with the white fur you can see in screenshots. If you want the red or black stripe thing on its head or the pitch black fur, you have to replace one file in my mod folder. Look at the screenshots for clear instructions, it’s simple and can’t be done at any time of your playthrough allowing you to change it depending of your mood.

I personnally play with the red stripes one, it has somekind of evangelion touch lol but not everyone would like it. That’s why you have the possibility to do that.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ COMPATIBILITY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Tested with 50+ mods, this game has a pretty simple data architecture. It should be compatible with any other mods. Start a new game and select «White fang» to get started.

Download: Radiant Dog Mod : White Fang [19.0 MB] (2021-12-10)

Author: Kimu

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