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Radiant Biosteel Silk Armors

My first epic mod for Kenshi! My main motivation for making this mod was to bring back the light-medium armors into the mid to end-game meta. Some meshes are real fun and it’s kinda sad we always end up with the same 2 or 3 armors in the end just because of the stats. But even with these new slightly buffed pieces, this mod won’t spoil your kenshi base experience. Its database is completly separated from the base game and they are not replacing anything so you must see it as a bonus expansion.

I took a really special care so that my textures don’t look like swearing on the base game graphics, in fact that’s always my philosophy : sticking close to every game art direction


Count : 68 New balanced and retextured armors so far !
These «Biosteel Silk» armors have a thematic recurrence over their stats even if they tend to be all unique in their own way :

  • Cutting Efficiency : just sewing or rags pieces = 50-60%, thin biosteel = 70%, thick biosteel or leather layered = 80%, biosteel and Plate = 90%. Intermediary values can happen.
  • Cut resistance : + 0-20%, frequent and in competition with chainmail stats which is supposed to be close to that material if it would exist.
  • Blunt Resistance : + 0-??%, very rare, only to put a specific armor kind back in the meta, will never cross a thicker/heavier armor.
  • Harpoon resistance : + 0-10%, frequent, depends of the armor integrity. Rags will get almost none, full biosteel takes 6-10% while thicker armor gain 10% to catch up a bit the unmatched samurai armor.
  • Weight : Undeniably lighter, but can’t make the plate or leather lighter.
  • Acid protection : The things making this silk are not really fearing the acid rain, now we know why !
  • Fun descriptions : At least i smiled.

But also : Few balancing tweaks (on some vanilla omissions), description fixes, some armor part coverage changed for realism or meta (nothing crazy don’t worry)

Download: Radiant Biosteel Silk Armors [110 MB] (2021-08-12)

Author: Kimu

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