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Radiant Better Faces & Eyes

Reworked faces and number of eyes (base + custom): Sheki (18 + 8) Burnesemen (6 + 9) Zelenozems (18 + 16) West Hive (0 + 5) South Hive (0 + 1) Cannibals (2 + 0) Wild cannibals (2 + 0) = TOTAL: 85 (46 + 39)

  • All the edges of the base textures were reworked, several artifacts were fixed, the eyes got a completely new texture with a fixed sclera tone and iris color, approximately corresponding to the original files.
    The Burnoise now have a special kind of eyes, with a very small pupil, available in gold or silver.
  • Sheks now have a special kind of eyes, seemingly clear, with a thin rectilinear pupil. Available colors: purple, pink, red.
  • Cannibals have dark reddish sclera to create a certain mood of madness.
  • Each unique recruit now has a custom, exclusive face texture. Their face should automatically appear on them in a new game or import of a new game, only if they have not already been recruited. For old savings, you’ll have to resort to a surgeon’s intervention for each unique kit you want to apply to your face.
  • Each unique recruit will have body metrics revised. I took good care of the «fix». them with all my feelings of an artist. Don’t be alarmed, I didn’t break the atmosphere of their characters or their charisma: I just corrected the hideous aberrations or things out of proportion to make them seem more realistic. In this you can trust me unconditionally.
  • Kiana, the mod’s mascot, was introduced to the game as a unique recruit and can be found in Admag. She has moderate base sniper experience with a few other useful skills @ 10, bow experience, but above all she has unique dialogues that get more difficult with updates.
  • Recruit unique metrics have been balanced to be more fragmented, more personalized, without boring / weak / useless.


It should be 100% compatible with any mod that doesn’t touch vanilla face textures (as I also change / fix them or change their display name). May work with old save, but some aspects of the mod will not be activated (all body presets and custom faces will not be automatically set for recruits).

Download: Radiant Better Faces & Eyes [206 MB] (2021-11-12)

Author: Kimu

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