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Project Fallout: Trooper Armors

Mod which adds 23 clothing pieces and one weapon based on NCR trooper uniforms from Fallout: New Vegas.

All items are craftable

Items included:

— Service Rifle

Uniforms in both standard and winter variants:
— Trooper Helmet
— Trooper Shirt
— Trooper Pants
— Trooper Jacket
— NCR Trooper Breastplate (New California Republic Trooper Breastplate)
— NKR Trooper Breastplate (New Kentucky Republic Trooper Breastplate)
— Trooper Breastplate (No Decal)
— MP Helmet
— MP Jacket
— Trooper Scarf

NCR Berets:
— Green NCR Beret
— Black NCR Beret
— 1st Recon Beret

— Trooper Goggles

I plan on turning this into mod series, where i will add more Fallout content, and it’s «Zomboidfied» counterparts into Project: Zomboid over time.

Next mod you can expect will be Caesar’s Legion and Ohio Empire armors.

Workshop ID: 2747482455

Download: Project Fallout: Trooper Armors [2.7 MB] (2022-02-11)

Author: Kappi

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