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Peace Deals


This mod offers the option to make a peace deal with a country/faction you are at war with without capitulating it. It offers EU4 like peace deals that you can configure and send as a proposal to AI or other players.

Additional information
  • This mod is ideal for multiplayer games, but you can as well use it is single player.
  • The recipient will get a custom popup describing the deal.
  • You can switch between Demanding and Offering using tabs in Peace Deal gui.
  • You can mark states by clickng on valid state and pressing ctrl+x
  • NEW You can now create peace deal concerning multiple countries when offering peace deal to faction leader.
  • NEW You can now offer/ask for subject’s states in a peace deal.
  • NEW If you puppet all remaining states of a country you will puppet existing tag insted of creating new one.
  • Currently AI will accept or decline proposals but won’t make them by itself.

This mod is a standalone buildup on the mod HOI4+: Conditional Surrender

Let me know of any bugs, balance issues and exploits in the discussion «Bugs, balance issues and exploits»

Feature explanation
  • War reperations — target gives country 20% of its civilian factories & 14% of its military factories for 720 days
  • Disarm nation — Target is forced on «Disarmed Nation» mobilization law and «Civilian Economy» for 720 days

Planned features
  • Making AI use the mod (work in progress)

This mod should be compatible with most other mods including a major ones like Modern Day, Kaiserreich or the Road to 56.

This mod is not compatible with the HOI4+: Conditional Surrender

Mod not compatible with the achievements!

Stability disclaimer
This mod uses a combination of scripted diplomatic action and scripted GUIs. This combination might sometimes result in crashes origins of which cannot be traced or fixed without being an actual HoI4 developer. These crushes are rare and rarely happen two times in a row nevertheless it is advised to save the game before sending a peace deal.

Using this mod for other modifications
If you want to use this mod in your modification I strongly recomend using the dependency feature. This can be achieved by adding:
dependencies = { «Peace Deals» }
to your descriptor.mod file.

This ensures that your mod will load after this one. Thanks to that you can include only the files from «Peace Deals» mod you want to modify, modify them and the changes will be applied when both mods are lunched together.

Then after uploading your mod to steam workshop you can use add/remove required items option on your mod’s steam workshop page to add this mod as a requirement.

  • English
  • Polish
  • Spanish (by Leo616nardo)
  • Russian (by Leo616nardo and wafflevanka)
  • German (by Dookie)
  • French (by Mouchi)
  • Turkish (by EnfalX)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (by Back)

Do you want this mod to be also in your language? Send me localization files.
Contact e-mail: mrdziurkacz@gmail.com


Download: Peace Deals [1.5 MB] (2021-11-27)

Author: Dziurkacz

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