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Paw Low Loot

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Paw Low Loot:

What’s in:
-Adds some fantasy/tactical mixed equipment and weapons i made for the game, in a balanced manner, to be LOOTED!
Fantasy items are optional in the mod list selection (see list for reference).
Guns are optional.

-Only changes holster location. Functions added are fully standalone.

-Equipment is rare and in general, late game. Most stores contain spawns for the items, accordingly to the theme/material of that set.

-Will work on old saves but areas already explored won’t spawn any new items (unless you’re using loot respawn, casul :X).

Fully compatible with most mods.
-Extends usability with G.E.A.R., torso rig is useless without the mod, but it’s not required.
-Compatible with Armor Mod if you want the modded armour to block bullets too.
-Compatible with eris_nightvision_goggles
-Works with other modded clothing, Cheat Menu and Fashion Montage Mod. Sets are good for challenge maps and works on mannequins.

I’m still learning and this is my first PZ mod ever (which i’ll keep updating).

Current List:

{F} — Fantasy pack/extension

1.Witchy Set light

  1. -Witchy Hat{F}
  2. -Witchy Dress{F}
  3. -Black-Striped Socks{F}
  4. -Flak Vest
  5. -Large Tactical Waist Bag (Back and front)
  6. -Scorpion SMG. Minimum recommended aim lvl: 5
  7. -Witchy Staff{F}

2.Rogue Set medium

  1. -Rogue Sword
  2. -T-Gewehr Rifle (13.2 ammo). Minimum recommended aim lvl: 7
  3. -Rogue Hood
  4. -Rogue Vest
  5. -Rogue Arms
  6. -Rogue Greaves
  7. -Rogue Gloves
  8. -Rogue Shoes
  9. -Rogue Waist Bag
  10. -Rogue Gas Mask
  11. -Wet Suit

3.Tactical Knight Set heavy

  1. -Metallic Helmet{F}
  2. -Metallic Waist Armor{F}
  3. -Metallic Arms Armor{F}
  4. -Metallic Greaves{F}
  5. -Metallic Chest Plate{F}
  6. -Metallic Gloves{F}
  7. -Metallic Boots{F}
  8. -Great Sword
  9. -Jackhammer Shotgun. Minimum recommended aim lvl: none
  10. -Chain Mail Suit{F}

4.Cleric Set medium-heavy

  1. -500 Revolver (.500 ammo). Minimum recommended aim lvl: 5
  2. -Antique Mace
  3. -Tac Pants
  4. -Tac Neck Armour
  5. -Altyn Helmet
  6. -Caw Mask{F}
  7. -Tactical Holster (Can switch sides and remove/add straps by convenience, just lighter than the regular holster).

5.Peregrine Falcons Squad (PF) Set visual/complement

  1. -Camping Vest (Opens/Closes)
  2. -Camping Pants
  3. -Camping Shorts
  4. -Camping Knee Pads
  5. -Wrapped Bandana
  6. -Camping Cropped Top

6.Wigs (WIP)
Most models alternate by gender choice.

  1. -Wig Piggy
  2. -Wig Bob2
  3. -Wig Wide
  4. -Wig Mendy
  5. -Wig Bun2
  6. -Wig Short2
  7. -Wig Croft
  8. -Wig Rachel2
  9. -Wig Fab (Fabian/Long hairstyle wig, for wearing with certain helmets, only available at the character creation or console commands)
  10. -Wig Leo (Console/Char creation)

Fun fact: All CORE weapons added are lore-wise (but the.500 lol)

  1. -M32 Revolver. Minimum recommended aim lvl: 2
  2. -MAS38 SMG (.38 SMG Magazine). Minimum recommended aim lvl: 6
  3. -Jericho Pistol (vanilla .44 mag/ammo). Minimum recommended aim lvl: 3
  4. -P88 Pistol (vanilla 9mm mag/ammo). Minimum recommended aim lvl: 2
  5. -M79 Grenade Launcher (its a ball, cant change the icon of a throwable but have its own model, uses 40mm grenades, different firing types). Minimum recommended aim lvl: 4
  6. -PPSH41 (vanilla 45 auto). Minimum recommended aim lvl: 6
  7. -Lewis Machine Gun (vanilla 308 rounds). Minimum recommended aim lvl: 7
  8. -Tanto Dagger{F}
  9. -MP5GL{F} (CONSOLE ITEM — 9mm SMG Clip, like the Skorpion SMG, with underslung M302, 40MM). Minimum recommended aim lvl: 6
  10. -M134{F} (CONSOLE ITEM — 5.56 belt. Extremely heavy weapon made for decimation, needs minimum distance to be fired). Minimum recommended aim lvl: 4
  11. -MK19{F} (CONSOLE ITEM — 40MM belt. Extremely heavy weapon made for decimation, needs minimum distance to be fired, different firing types) . Minimum recommended aim lvl: 4
  12. -Grimoire{F} (Melee one-use spawner, with enough level or just a comically weak weapon with entertainment value)
  13. -Metallic Shield[{F} (WIP, CONSOLE ITEM)

8.Accessories/Clothing fit the gaps with gear and clothing

  1. -Fighter Shorts (Still only fashionmontage/debug)
  2. -Tight Bandana (Opened and Closed, Still only fashionmontage/debug)
  3. -Arm Wrappings and Leg Wrappings (Craftable, able to add patches for minor/desperate armour, but can look nice)
  4. -Large Medical Waist Bag (back front)
  5. -Military Holster (tactical holster green)
  6. -Military Flat Cap (different textures)
  7. -Paramedic Bag (tiers between the school bag and duffle)
  8. -Thin-Framed Glasses
  9. -Rounded Thin-Framed Glasses
  10. -Cropped Tank Top
  11. -Sports Tank Top (4 colours)
  12. -Leggings (Tint)
  13. -Elbow band, left and right
  14. -Big Tuba Piece{F} (don’t take it seriously, it will fall off your head easily)
  15. -Pocketed Belt(Frontal fanny bag)
  16. -Canvas Shoes (5 colours)
  17. -Long Canvas Shoes
  18. -Denim Mini Shorts
  19. -HECU Mask{F}
  20. -HECU Vest{F}
  21. -Eyes contact lens (type 1 for vanilla & type 2 for animu) cosmetic only, different colours. Works together with all makeups)
  22. -Spooky Suit{F} (Debug/cheat consoles only)
  23. -Operator Cap (and headset)
  24. -Waist Pouches (normal black and medical)
  25. -Torso Rig (two sizes fits one, gives G.E.A.R mod slots)
  26. -Carrier Vest (two sizes fits one)
  27. -Adventurer’s Bag (brown and black leather, has a pistol/dagger slot if using G.E.A.R. mod)
  28. -Ares Prototype Mask{F} (Debug/cheat consoles only) &
  29. -Ares Prototype Body{F} (My take on Daughter of Ares). Which was a Fallout mod as far as i remember. Only in Fashion Montage Union Suits or debug/cheat consoles. Very stronk.




Future plans/ideas:
-Keep fixing/enhancing some textures.
-Less verts on meshes, i’m sorry lol, did my best for now.
-Make everything better when AnimZed (custom clothing meshes, proper hairs, fluid movement animations), i don’t know.

Bugs: Asides from some model clipping (mostly wigs and hats) and very static models in some situations, this should work just fine todd.jpg.

Thanks the community for the support!


-Launcher and weapon codes base from Arsenal[26]-Some small pads textures from Relih
-HECU and Rogue Gas Mask icons. Flat Cap textures by Mr.Hardcore
-Holsters attachment positions and tons of teachings by planetalgol, from G.E.A.R. defs.
-Leggings by Bunker

Other mods on the pictures:
-Advanced G.E.A.R.
-BRITA’s weapons pack
-Soul Filcher’s Exploring and Dressing time


Workshop ID: 2279084780
Mod ID: PLLoot
Mod ID: PLLootF
Mod ID: PLLootG

Download: Paw Low Loot [74.3 MB] (2021-07-16)

Author: Paw Low

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