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’82 Oshkosh M911 + Military Semi-Trailers

So you want to move your whole base to another location, or you want to hoard all the gas in Knox County, maybe you just want to steal all the fridges and get them to your super secret base, you do you, I’m just here to help.

M911 was the workhorse of US Armed forces for decades, his last job was to transport M1 Abrams tanks to battlefield. It’s huge, it’s ugly and it’s one of the most iconic semi-trucks ever made. It comes in normal, armored and burnt flavor, with many texture variations.

All variants include:

  • Lightbar — Make a distraction with some light and sound effects
  • Run-flat Tires — They will run even when damaged, but with reduced friction (Compatible with Commando and P19A)
  • Central tire inflation system — Monitors tire pressure, if it gets too low, it pumps it back up just like in rl
  • Trunk is divided in 2 compartments (it’s not huge, but you can organize your gear)
  • Spare tire compartment with a… spare tire
  • Gas tank is armored and will hold up to 90 units of fuel

Military Semi-Trailers (USMC Green, NATO Green, Desert Tan and Woodland camo)

  • M126 Stake Semi-Trailer
  • M127 Van Semi-Trailer
  • M128 Van Semi-Trailer
  • M967 Fuel Tanker Semi-Trailer
  • M747 Lowbed Semi-Trailer

Trailers are NOT towable by other vehicles, only M911, but the M911 can tow any normal trailer.

You attach the trailer by aligning the truck under the trailer just like in the pictures above, exit, press v and select + from radial menu just like with normal trailers.

  • B41.65 Single Player Compatible (B41.65 MP Not fully supported yet)
  • New vehicles, not replacing any other
  • You can use it in your current save game, just enable the mod in the load menu
  • 2 seats inside
  • It can tow and be towed
  • Not recolorable

Download: ’82 Oshkosh M911 + Military Semi-Trailers [14.7 MB] (2022-01-13)

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