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Optimization: Meats — C# Edition

This mod was inspired by Optimization: Meats made by owlchemist.

This mod reduces the meat variety in the game.

Recent update
[Update 1.2.1]
— New dependency: Harmony <- You need to sub this mod first!
— Added an integration with Vanilla Fishing Expanded, now you can optimize the fishes (configurable in mod settings)
— Added Chinese and Spanish translation for ‘raw meat’
— Added a feature to detect settings in other mods that may cause incompatibility.
— Some code optimizations..

So.. Who would want this?
— People who don’t care about all animal meat because all animal meat will end up being treated the same.
— People who want to simplify their meat storage situation.
— People who use animal mods, but want to benefit from a slight performance increase. due to fewer defs.

Difference from original mod?
— Unlike original mod, This mod works with C# code.
— This mod is more compatible with other animal mods than the original mod because its method is based on RimWorld’s automatic meat generation method.
— Added other mods support (such as race mods, Vanilla Fishing Expanded).


— Animals Logic: Compatible, But you need to turn off ‘Convert any generic meat into chicken meat upon butchering’ in its mod settings. Otherwise, red error will occur.
— Mods that add a lot of animals. (such as Alpha Animals, Megafauna, Dinosauria, Genetic Rim, VAE): Compatible without any wrong meat classification.
— Race mods: Compatible If there is no special recipe using their meat, they will be merged into human meat. (configurable)
— Call of Cthulhu/Rim of Madness: Compatible without any wrong meat classification.
— Vanilla Achievements Expanded: Compatible, patches for some achievements are included
— Vanilla Fishing Expanded: Compatible, and this mod has a feature to reduce the type of fish. (configurable)
— Animals Forage, — Patches: Compatible, patches are included.
— Combat Extended: Compatible, Why not??
— Maybe? works on 1.0~1.1, too.

— Other meat optimization mods : Incompatible, don’t use both.
No incompatible mods have been checked yet. If you’re having problems, let me know.

Known Issue
— Ideology DLC: If your colony has venerated animals, ‘Ate venerated animal meat’ won’t work. And if the animal was cow, your pawns will get mood debuff when eat meals consist of raw meat.

Save game compatible?
Yes, but not recommended.
NO, Don’t do that. you can load the save but…
— Any meat, and meals made from meat, will disappear and bug out, red errors will occur, since those meats were removed from the game.

Load order
— It really doesn’t matter. but I recommended…
Core, Royalty, Ideology
(Other animal, food mods)
This mod

Recommended mods
Optimization: Leathers — C# Edition

Source code

Special thanks
— DeepL: for translating

Download: Optimization: Meats — C# Edition [1.6 MB] (2022-01-27)

Author: SeoHyeon

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