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Old Ironsides: Creature Mod

After a very disappointing attempt at getting a security spider to work as a pack bull almost 7 months ago I have been on one hell of a modding trip. At first it was a very humble mod, but after a lot of work it has morphed into something much more complicated.

“So what does this mod add” if you might ask?
Well it adds a brand spanking new “bigass kung fu robot mech thing” to the world of kenshi for you to recruit, kill or Pokemon battle to your heart’s content.

Stuff you need to know: (please just read this and spare us both the time in questions and misunderstandings)

1. It is a CREATURE and as a result it is considered an ANIMAL by the game, and thusly it cannot BLOCK.
2. No it cannot work like a normal skeleton.
3. Portraits don’t work currently. (Please have mercy I tried to make the cake and eat it too but it just did not work reliably.)
4. They are made tough as nails and can self-repair to counter the extra damage they take to the face.
5. They have an extra built in attack slot to better handle crowds. (This is default on most animals btw.)
6. They scale with the unarmed stat in the same way a martial artists character would. (Melee attack does greatly factor into damage done so push that stat.)
7. There are 8 different combat animations that unlock from MA skill 0 to 75, and are balanced to keep pace with your cyborg dude using a fragment axe. (There are multiple high damage versions of some attacks to help decrease late game damage falloff.)
8. There are 2 different sprint animations that allow these things to keep pace with anything at high athletics skill. (Only thing that might barely outrun them is a dude with two masterwork scout legs.)
9. Not all machines are made recruit-able. There are recruitable versions scattered throughout the world for you to find, provided they are going to be rubbish, you have been warned. (To make it easier on you check out: the hub, black desert city, obedience, world’s end, black scratch, and a certain reprogramming facility.)
10. The body model for the ironsides is provided by the BACKPACK the creature is wearing at the time. So you can switch them out to change the look and characteristics of your machine. (Yes unfortunately this does bork the portrait.)
11. There are 13 different types of bodies in the world for you to find and collect. They can sometimes be bought from limb merchants, but by far the simplest method is to go out into to world to find and kill hostile versions.
12. Yes, there are 13 very hostile and angry versions that can be encountered in your travels. You can find them any place that has Security Spiders in the base game. (Ancient Labs hold the most dangerous ones with the best gear.)
13. 2 of those 13 are very difficult to kill and I hope for your sake you are prepared when you meet them.
14. There is a new start called ‘Old ironsides’ that starts you off with an extra-large death machine called ‘old ironsides’. (Don’t you dare rename old ironsides!)
15. Making animations for kenshi is ruthlessly difficult due to the quazi-physics so there will be a small amount of jank that just can’t be buffed out. I spent almost a 200 hours over the span of 7 months in blender making the animations and getting them to work via trial and error. Like this was no joke so don’t think this was a 15 minute mod job.
16. If you are: a) experiencing mod conflicts, or b) don’t want hostile versions in your world, I have created a ‘no enemies’ patch that strips the mod of all hostile versions and makes the bodies more readily available at limb merchants. Just place it under the base mod in your load order. You can find it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2549594903
17. I recently redid the textures to better suit the size of the models. They were 1k textues in the inital release but now they are 2k. If you experience issues with this size let me know and i will make a low spec patch for you.

Body types: (There are Rusted and Restored versions of each, except the V-one. Noone likes the V-one)
V-One: The old and crappy ones you will find crawling all around the place. Unfortunately all the recrutable ones are of this variety and will need some time and effort spent to rebuild them and train them up.
V-Two: The slightly stronger and more durable cousin to the V-One. Has 2 arms. Brilliant.
V-Two Hauler: Some mad lad cut off the stovepipe and added a big ass bag. Can now smuggle hash. Very good.
I-One: Just a V-two that has been hitting the gym. Remember bros, don’t forget abs day. Not brilliant.
I-Two: You know getting smacked in the face sucks. So remember, always wear your hockey mask. Amazing.
I-Three: What do you get when you start making a warhammer 40k 3d printable real world scale contemptor dreadnaught model and it just spirals out of control? This. . . this is what happens.
H-two: What is better than a death machine with blades for arms? A death machine with blades for arms and a full sized weapons safe on its back. Why yes I am crazy thanks for asking. (Yes there was an H-one at one point but the model was so cursed I burned it from the records.)

Closing statements:

I’d just like to directly thank
• Atlas over at the genesis modding guild for hosting and surviving my shenanigans in making this mod.
• Treadlightly for the dialogue sorcery he made specifically for this mod,
• And last but not least HugoTheDwarf for sheer number of times I bothered him.
Without these absolute legends this crazy mod would most likely never have seen the light of day.
Unfortunately this is where I need to get a bit somber. I am a Masters student living in South Africa. Bad news is the country almost fell apart recently, delaying this mod by about two weeks. After this latest crapfest I have started to put plans into motion to immigrate as soon as possible. If you like my mod, and pity me enough, I’d be more than grateful for any donations you can give, so that I don’t need to go get a part time in a minimum wage sweat shop job instead of making mods for kenshi. 

Download: Old Ironsides: Creature Mod [55 MB] (2021-10-7)

Author: LordHapless, TreadLightly77

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