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‘I’m just warming up you pathertic worm!’ A soldier of the Legion.

Yes I have done it again, another commission work complete and more gold for you to enjoy, with all the trimmings! The mopkinster lives to bring the awesome might of:


Made famous in the masterwork TES: Oblivion, oblivion put Tamriel on the map with its unparrallelled depth of character and awesome RP potential, two people came to me in one week to make their Oblivion dreams come true, and now yours can too! 😀

What you get:

The Armour of the IMPERIAL LEGION of The Imperial city Cyrodiil!

GREAVES! fem and masc rigged

TWO HELMS! One for command, one for the rest. Fem and masc rigged!

CUIRASS! Heavy duty and ready to do its part..for masc and fem!

BOOTS! Just in case you weren’t quite armoured enough! Masc and Fem.

GAUNTLETS! They go in the shirt slot so get an extra chaimal shirt attached for extra protetion! Masc and fem.

SHIELDS! Wear the iconic shield of the Imperial Legion on your arm for extra combat skill bonus!

The parts fit together in a perfection of overall protection, making it the perfect faction armour! Also Full weather protection is granted by a full set, so need worry when questing to those far corners of Tarmie..err…mordo..um Kenshi, be warned it will not protect against GAS, don’t be rediculous 😀

CRAFT the armours at HOME! Raktcoon wanted no messing around for you guys on this issue..the armour can be crafted from a special bench identical in every way to the heavy armour smithy..it is called the Imperial Armoury and can be..

RESEARCHED at tier three! 🙂

Outfit your whole ARMY with these beauties and get those smiths to work, there’s a continent to conquor WORM! 😀

A Start: An Imperial Legion Captain faces the wastes with their 10 soldiers, what does fate have in store?

Download: OBLIVION: Imperial LEGION! [21.569 MB] (2021-04-15 06:29:00)

Author: mopsisgone

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