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Noir’s Rifle Slings

5/7/2022 UPDATE
  • Restored back position
    Equipping a backpack with a Back position sling will move your equipped weapon to your left side, similar to your back slot


I asked Akyet if I can upload my own version of his Rifle Slings, he said yes so here’s is

  • Adds a Sling slot to equip 2h guns/melee weapons
    Sling can be wear in four positions
    Slings doesn’t worn out
    Slings keeps position when wearing a backpack
    Sling can be crafted(Tailoring tab) or found
    Can exercise with sling equipped
    — English
    — Spanish

Mods used in screenshots

Thanks to Akyet for the 3d models

  • Work on MP?
    A: Yes

    Work with Brita, X and Y Weapon mod?
    A: Yes

Do not copy, modify, redistribute, or repackage this mod without explicit permission from the creator. This includes on or off of steam, within another mod or modpack, or a different modified version. This item can be published on Steam only through an account with the name Noir.

Download: Noir’s Rifle Slings [769.1 KB] (2022-05-07)Author: Noir

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