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No Strings Attached

Why making this mod? Frankly, it all started with my Sim Alicia not being very into her boyfriend but staying for convenience… Then I thought, ‘she needs the possibility to be with him but without him constantly texting about how she’s ignoring him’! And this mod happened…
Is this mod compatible with WW? Yes it is!

What is it not compatible with? Nothing that I know of! This is all new code and very much its own thing so I can’t imagine it could conflict with much of anything!

What does it do? It gives your Sims a new relationship type, Friends with Benefits. Any Sim can have this relationship with any number of Sims. Friends with Benefits are not jealous of each other, so they won’t mind to see their buddies interact romantically with others. You could even have a 4 adult Sim household with all of them Friends with Benefits with the other ones, if that’s what you wanted, for example. 

What is this relationship type? it allows for a romanceless romance relationship. Sims who are Friends with Benefits will have their romance stay at 0. They will not be jealous of each other. They will have access to a new menu, «Friends with Benefits», within which they will find all love interactions that applies to them (note that some interactions are only for Sims who also have an official relationship and are basically regularly cheating with a ‘Friend with Benefits.’)

There are two more interactions, «Offer to WooHoo in Hot Tub», and «Make Out», the latter available when sitting, just like the game’s original one. Note that Shower WooHoo is available only to owners of EP08 (Discover University); if you don’t have it, don’t use this interaction). 

What Sims can ask another to be Friends with Benefits?  To be able to ask, there must be a third of the friendship bar full between those Sims. Sims must also be adult (= Young Adult to Elder). A Sim can’t make that offer to boyfriends/girlfriends and spouses. For some reason I also blocked it from ex-partners, I might change my mind later.
What happens when a Sim asks another to be Friends with Benefits? either the listener accepts or refuse. Acceptance grants a moodlet, sets romance to 0 and blocks it there, and grants the relationship status and pie menu.  Refusal gives your Sim a negative moodlet. 

A Sim that is in an official relationship (married or boyfriend/girlfriend) is much more likely to refuse your Sim’s advances. A single Sim is much more likely to accept. In either case, both acceptance and refusal are possible. (Because I don’t want to ruin anyone’s storytelling plans, you can ask again as many times as you’d like, so if the outcome with a specific Sim really matters to you, you’ll get that outcome eventually — if you have the patience. ) 

Download: No Strings Attached [Patreon] (v1.1 / 02.11.2021)

Author: Lumpinou

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