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Mud and Clay

This mod adds a new resource to the game, as well as some items that can be crafted out of it.

  • 1 new crafting resource :
    — Raw Mud
  • 1 new food item :
    — Mudsnack
  • 3 new work stations :
    — Mud Collection Spot
    — Drying Mat
    — Clay Firing Pit (two different versions)
  • 4 new pieces of clothing :
    — Earthen Mask
    — Terracotta Trinkets
    — Clay Bead Headpiece
    — Body Painting Pattern
  • 1 new game start :
    — The Mud Folk (you start in Mud with the crafting recipes unlocked)

Mud is collected from the ground using a spot that can be built for free. You will find it under the MUD category in the build menu. You will first need to unlock a level 1 technology called «Mud Harvesting» that doesn’t require any research artefact. If you choose a place rich in ground water, your collection spot will let you gather mud at an increased rate.

With the Mud Harvesting technology also comes the ability to bake discs of mud known as «Mudsnacks». Those are food items with a very poor nutrition value. The Drying Mat can be found in the MUD category with the other work stations related to this mod.

Once you’ve researched the «Mud Harvesting» technology, you can move on and unlock another tech called «Crude Ceramics». You will need 2 Raw Mud and 1 Book to unlock it. You will then be able to use a new work station called the Clay Firing Pit. It comes in two different versions : one will let you craft equipment, while the other is used to make pots and other trade commodities.

This mod contains only new items and doesn’t change anything in the vanilla files. It should therefore be compatible with any other mod. Most of the things it introduces are only cosmetic and won’t change the gameplay a lot. It is mostly aimed at adding a bit of flavour and variety to the player-made faction.

I hope you enjoy this mod. If you would like to include it in a collection or expand it, please provide a link to this page. I may update this mod over time by adding more items or creating a faction that uses them. Let me know in the comments what you would like the future of this mod to be !

Download: Mud and Clay [90 MB] (2021-09-12)

Author: Macrotaz

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