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And you can't ignore mistakes?

1 week, 4 days ago

You are in the wrong place for the question

1 week, 4 days ago
@Razilator No Mosaic / Censor Mod for The Sims 4 - Toddler Compatibility Update!

wiebenor, Hello! Unfortunately, the mod has not been updated for a long time ... Therefore, most likely it is not compatible! I have a lot of work so far, so I can't update mods yet. Steam also disabled direct mod downloads for other games, which broke my automatic mod update system.

3 weeks, 4 days ago
@wiebenor No Mosaic / Censor Mod for The Sims 4 - Toddler Compatibility Update!

Forgive me for saying, but this mod doesn't work with the wicked whims mod and I'd like this functionality to be able to be used concurrently to, and with, wicked whims... There's supposedly clothing mods a guy can do, to enable something similar to the nudity I expect, but I have no clue how to mod clothes in Sims 4, and it's made to sound complicated when most people give directions, or they barely tell you anything besides the fact that it's as easy as"edit form fitting clothes and you're done"... Need to at LEAST get this mod working with wicked whims enabled...

3 weeks, 4 days ago
@Razilator Devious Desires

babaBuceta, honestly, I don't know, I haven't played this mod)

1 month, 2 weeks ago
@babaBuceta Devious Desires

how make rape interaction?

1 month, 2 weeks ago

More Traits

Link Info Language Version Loads Loaded Created by
Go to download 1004.2 KB Multi 2022-05-21 182 22/05/2022 в 00:07 PyWorker
Go to download 982.0 KB Multi 2022-04-22 27 24/04/2022 в 04:16 PyWorker
Go to download 914.1 KB Multi 2022-04-09 13 16/04/2022 в 11:02 PyWorker
Important Note:
I initially removed this mod from the Workshop, as I had received numerous complaints of errors and bugs. Being that I have little desire to work on this mod until the release of build 41, I decided to hide the mod until I could push out a proper update.
However, due to a rather surprising demand to bring back the mod - even in its unfinished state - I have made the mod public again.

Please be aware that this mod is buggy and unfinished.

I won't be updating it until Build 41 comes out of IWBUMs.
The reason for this is that while I had initially been updating for Build 41, I continually found that more and more things would be broken as Build 41 IWBUMs updated, and not wishing to update for every little thing that breaks inbetween IWBUM updates, I've elected to wait until full release to continue work.

This is my first attempt at modding for Project Zomboid.

This mod adds a great deal more variety to the traits available to players during character creation.

The most prominent feature so far is the introduction of 1-point-cost traits which give players a minor boon.
so far, this includes a series of Prepared traits, which allow users to spend their trait points to give them certain starting items.

The mod also attempts to add a greater variety of expense, as in there are more -1, -2, -3, -5 traits. This should help prevent the annoying feeling of having one solitary point left with nothing to spend it on.

Balance is currently an issue. I would appreciate feedback on traits.

Known Issues
  • Evasive trait sometimes dodges when bandaging/unbandaging wounds.
  • Scrounger trait rarely duplicating items absurdly.
  • Bouncer Trait overpowered.
  • Fearful Trait calls the "Callout()" command, forcing the player to 'Shout'. If anyone knows how to just make the player generate noise without using that command, let me know, as it's a bit awkard, but functionally the same.

Workshop ID: 1299328280
Mod ID: ToadTraits