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More Precepts (and memes and rituals)

This mod provides additional precepts for ideoligions in the Ideology DLC. This is work in progress, more are planned.

— Alcohol — If Alcohol precept is set, it controls alcohol usage instead of the more generic DrugUse precept.
— Comfort — Added values that make pawns want comfortable furniture sleeping and sitting, pawns will try harder to find suitable furniture, very demanding pawns may refuse to use facilities that do not have sufficient furniture.
— Compassion — Allied, not hostile, not guilty or all incapacitated pawns should not be left to die helplessly.
— Drug posession — Pawns will dislike presence and trading of hard, social (non-alcohol) or all non-medical drugs.
— Elderly — Old people may be viewed with respect or contempt. Results in mood and social buffs and debuffs. When elders are respected, too young pawns are considered inexperienced for important roles.
— Nomadism — Pawns will dislike or want to abandon their settlement.
— Superstition — Strong, mild or contempt. Superstitious pawns will get mood changes from some events, pawns with contempt will dislike others being superstitious.
— Traps — Use of traps may be disapproved. Analogous to the ‘Autonomous weapons’ precept, but for traps.
— Violence — Harming other people, ranging from pacifists that refuse to harm others to essential that makes pawns unhappy after a while of no violence. Includes a defense-only option.

— Pacifism — High impact, requires Violence:Pacifism or Violence:Horrible.
— Nomadism — Hight impact, requires Nomadism:Essential or Nomadism:Wanted. Unlocks animal specialist role.

— Drinking party — A party focused on drinking, pawns will gather and drink what drinks are available and allowed.
— Feast — A party focused on eating meals, pawns will gather and eat available meals.
— Funeral pyre — An alternative to funeral, body is burned on a pyre.
— Animal duel — Like gladiator duel, but one of the participants is an animal.

Ritual outcomes:
— Raid — Colony may get raided after a noticeable ritual (drum party, sacrificing a prisoner or symbol burning). Chance is higher for Violence:Wanted or Violence:Essential precepts.

For changelog see the ‘Change Notes’ tab.

GitHub: https://github.com/llunak/rimworld-moreprecepts

If you want to report a bug or suggest another precept to implement, please do so in the pinned conversations.

NOTE: Given the number of possible precept options I’m unable to thoroughly test them in a real playthrough. If you have feedback on balance or any similar issues, please provide it in the pinned conversation.

Download: More Precepts (and memes and rituals) [0.768 MB] (2021-08-31)

Author: llunak

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