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More Combat Animation Extended Edition

Extended Editon — Added animations in Kenshi

Heavy hit — 6 combos. Staff — slash 2 combo slash. Saber — slash, combo slash 3. Ax — combo slash 4. Unarmed blow 5, kick 1. Katana slash 7, combo slash 4, blow 1.
Protection (common to all weapons) — shock protection Bottom protection
Defense (katana only) — Top Middle Left Right
Defense (Heavy Weapon) — Mid
If you take heavy damage, you will begin to suffer.
Added idle mode: 4 weapons and 4 unarmed
The katana proficiency level is divided into low, intermediate and advanced.

Installation: the mod archive contains the «Extended Edition» folder, which contains the original MCA, install it as a regular mod. Now you can delete the «Extended Edition» folder and install the extended version like a regular mod, the «MCA Extended Edition patch» should load after the original mod.
This mod is an extended version of More Combat Animation adding more animations to the original mod

Download: More Combat Animation Extended Edition [25.3 MB] (2021-07-09)

Author: AGO

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