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Military Tool Kit

This a mod for modders, it’s adds scripts that allow you to mod armor tracked vehicles in Project Zomboid.

This is a Support mod for my other mods, it adds scripts and tools for creating military vehicles.
For now it’s pretty basic, be aware that this mod will add a lot of things in the future updates.

It’s only Single Player Full Compatible, +41.65, may work in MP, but…

The version of the workshop article is different from that of the server.
Check this link to fix: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/42925-how-to-fix-updated-mods-in-build-41-multiplayer/

  • Animated Tracks
  • Tracks Sound
  • Animated Doors[b/]
  • Armored Vehicle Body
  • Armored Vehicle against NPCs(temporarily removed)

Mod Example

M113 APC by Papa_Chad (with ANIMATED TRACKS!!!)

If you are a modder and want to make an armored vehicle, just put this mod as a request and put this line in your vehicle’s script:
    template = TankArmor,
Just that and your vehicle will be armored 🙂
Code inspired by the works of:
  • Aiteron,
  • bikinihorst,
  • Vilespring,
  • planetalgol
Thanks for the codes.
If you like my mod feel free to buy me a coffee 🙂


Workshop ID: 2705406713
Mod ID: Military_Tool_Kit

Download: Military Tool Kit [5.0 MB] (2022-05-08)

Author: Papa_Chad

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