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Last updated 4.7.22, ~1:00PM PST

-New holoplant (Bjuvia Simplex, a prehistoric tree fern)
-Trees now return their core when harvested.
-Research and textures added for future core types.
-Descriptions edited to be more simple and uniform.
-Removed pointless XML, and T2 Metacore project.
-Starting a more «thematic» approach to what gets added, as — while the mod has a focus — the plants currently in are quite random, and aren’t very related to one another.


A simple mod that adds several new mechanical plants, to help your high-tech rooms have matching succulents.

Metaflora plants require no electricity and have an infinite lifespan, perfect for those without a green thumb.

In an effort for balance, all plants require a strong amount of research, alongside special «metacores» you will need to make.

This was originally made as a personal mod to have some matching base decor in my games. New additions are being added over time!

Art done by Azarae and Krazy.

Download: Metaflora [2.7 MB] (2022-04-07)

Author: SepphorisVT, Azarae

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