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McCmdCenter And MCWoohoo

Command Center (MC Command Center) — a mod that allows you to expand the functionality and control the plot of the game. This mod is the closest analogue of the Master Controller mod (from The Sims 3) and performs similar functions. 

MC Cheats

Skill learning difficulty setting — setting range has been changed. It now ranges from -50 to 10 (instead of -10 to 10). By default: 0. Each point is equal to 10%, that is, -1 slows down by 10%, -10 — by 100%, -20 — by 200%, etc. A value of -50 gives a 500% slowdown in skill growth. It is unlikely that there will be any noticeable improvement in skills at all, even with a setting of -20, but the author was asked about it, and he did.

Clear Active Household Flags — removes all flags from the current active family.
Career Difficulty Adjustment — The adjustment range for this option is now from -50 to 10 (similar to the difficulty of learning a skill).

In Cheat code for information about the character / Cheats for careers … added function of dismissal from work (the game name of this option should be drawn here). The option is available to active and non-playable sims, no need to use the phone interface. In the case of an NPC, the dismissal will occur at the next check of the game, for example, the bartender can work until the end of the shift. In addition, if the NPC does not have a Career Consistency Mark, the game may take him to another job.
Added the ability to reset a Sim’s Aspiration (I don’t know how it works yet).

MS Command Center

Copy / Paste Flags — added to the Sim’s Menu, allow you to copy the tags of one sim and paste them to another. Keep in mind that only valid tags will be inserted (some tags are only valid for NPCs, some are only for active sims, for a certain age, or not suitable for ghosts or Death, etc.).
The following two options are found in the Sim Menu … / Sim: Other (this is an integration of the functions of the Change Gender mod by scumbumbo):

Swap Gender — simply changes the sex of the sim to the opposite. This does not change clothing and gender settings in the CAS.

Swap Gender Complete — Changes the Sim’s gender, clothing, and all gender settings in the CAS to match the new gender.

The following options have been added to the section Show mod menu on a sim:

All with the Shift key (All With Shift Key) — in this case, the MC menu will be visible on the sim (when clicking with Shift pressed) or on the icon in the relations panel (here the game does not support Shift).

Sim menu with the Shift key (Sim Menus With Shift Key) — the MC menu will be visible only when you click with the Shift key pressed on the sim, and on the icon in the relations panel, the menu will be unavailable.

Show menu on computer — now for this option you can select All menus, All with the Shift key, Nothing.
Show cheat menu — new customization options: All menus, All with Shift key, Nothing.

Menu Teleport (Teleport Commands) — a new section, moved here options Teleport a sim from the world to the selected sim, Teleport a sim on the site to the selected sim and others.

Teleport over another sim (Teleport Sim Overlap) — if Enabled, then when teleporting, the sim will appear directly above the other sim. If Disabled, Sim will teleport next to him. (It is not clear how this will look in the game — either directly overhead, or with the imposition of one on top of the other. Possibly inaccurate translation)

Teleport Active Sim to World Sim — this option is available only on the active sim’s relationship panel, transfers the active sim to the selected sim’s home lot, and then to this sim on the lot.

Teleport a Sim from the site / from the world to the Dwarf — any dwarf sculpture should work here (the author tested Gnomiversary for $ 15). The MC menu is available on Gnome. By turning it in the desired direction, you can click on it and teleport here either a sim from the current lot, or a sim from the world. In this case, the gnome will move to the side, and the sim will teleport to its place. If moveobjects is used and the gnome is in the air, the sim will teleport into the air.

Show Gnome Menu Type — Found in Notification Settings / Command Console / Menu … Show Settings Menu. Choices are: All menus, All with Shift key, Nothing. Default: Nothing.

Turn into Servo — found in the Undead Menu. The reverse process is possible. Note. There are about 30 Servo-incompatible traits, and all of them must be removed before a Sim is turned into a piece of hardware. In addition, when you turn back into a Sim, the clothes will be changed. Other oddities may appear when humanizing a servo. The core of the game does not support this, so be careful!

Maximum Rename Length — defines the maximum number of characters in the first / last name when renaming with MS. Default: 14. Warning: Selecting a value greater than 14 will result in an error in the CAS if the changes are saved. If you do not go to the CAS, then everything will be fine.

MC Tuner
Remove books / homework — this option from MCCC Settings / Game settings has been moved to the Change the nature of interactions section.

MS Population
Bypass Dorm Residents — located in the Move Settings. Default: Enabled, in this case 

Elderly dorm residents do not move to the retirement home, and single sims do not move out of the dorm due to MS Population settings. Also, residents of hostels do not receive a homeless label. MS Pregnancy Bypass Dorm Residents — is in the Pregnant Woman’s Choice. Default: Enabled, in this case dorm residents will not be able to get pregnant or initiate pregnancy, and will not be involved in accidental pregnancy scenarios or receive a pregnancy tag at all. The same applies to wedding scenarios and marriage tags. Fixed a bug that occurred when choosing one value for the age of the pet, and not two, as indicated in the selection window. Now, if you enter one number, it will be applied at the same time as the maximum and minimum. Fixed a bug with sim tags when a sim had a tag for a specific module that the player had not installed. For example, the label «There will be no offspring» when there is no MC Pregnancy. The error could also occur when loading from the Gallery of Sims with similar tags. Now the labels are removed completely if the corresponding modules are not installed. Fixed a bug where the option to suggest a move did not appear in the teen menu, although it was allowed in MC Tuner. When a child is born, the names of both parents will be mentioned in the message and in the mc_cmd_center.log. Some options in Debug mode were broken several patches ago, in particular, reset / destruction of an object. It took a couple of TwistedMexi mods to get those options back. Now they will work even without TwistedMexi mods (but its mods do not interfere with MC work). Custom pregnancy settings for spellcasters were announced in the previous version of the mod, but were not actually implemented. Fixed. Fixed a bug when teenagers could not select «Conceive a child» (shower, bed, etc.) on objects, only «Fooling around» was available for them. Other miscellaneous bugs fixed.

Download: McCmdCenter And MCWoohoo [Public (1.7 MB)] (2022.1.2)

Author: Deaderpool

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