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Manage Containers

Tested using IWBUMS Beta: 41.56+, use previous version at own risk. Works with existing saves.

What’s the purpose?

You’ve just finished a big haul, you’re back at your base and now you have to unload everything. Wouldn’t you want to be able to select everything and ask the game to filter for you?
Well now you can! All you have to do is set which category your containers accepts and you’re set.

Helpful Tip

If want to prevent item(s) from being transferred, mark them as favorite and they will stay in your inventory


This works with any mods that recategorize items (In fact it’s better with!). Including Better Sorting or any other mod that recategorize items

Gamepad Support

Gamepad support is barebone but functional (best of my knowledge)

  • To manage the specific container, make sure it is highlighted. You can toggle the inventory in order to cycle nearby containers.
  • To Transfer All applicable Items, select the option Transfer All + Right Trigger
Future Goals

If this mod is used by enough users, I plan to add new features such as:

  • Save/Load Presets
  • Item name filters
  • Set custom item’s category
  • Walk to nearby containers

Download: Manage Containers [620.6 KB] (2022-04-24)

Author: Jeff

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