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Loot Zeta Enhanced Edition

Loot Zeta Enhanced Edition allows to obtain Items from zombies according to their clothing (This allows a better distribution of items according to the «profession» of that zombie).
Only functional with build 41.60 and higher.

  • If the zombie has a backpack, a chance multiplier (base chance + 25% of item base chance) will be activated (The items spawned will appear inside the container on the back)
  • If item is food it can appear with different states (Cooked, raw, burned, rotten)
  • If item is a weapon it can appear with a random condition.
  • Chances of items can be from 0.00001 to 100 thus allowing really very low chances for those modders who want to add their items to the Loot Zeta Enhanced Edition table.
  • Chances also depends of Other Loot sandbox vars config.

41.65 and MP compatible.

Download: Loot Zeta Enhanced Edition [2.0 MB] (2022-01-08)

Author: ditoseadio, Snake

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