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Living World

This is a mod that adds a large number of world state triggers and town overrides to make the world of Kenshi feel more alive. What this means is that towns change faction ownership if important NPCs are dead. Also player being allied to a faction can decide which faction takes over.

Living World also includes many small fixes and improvements.

Deadcat Revival
The player can help Deadcat recover their lost settlements and rebuild them! If you kill Cannibal Grand Wizard, Deadcat will get their old capital and Ghost Village back. If you kill Meatlord, Deadcat will get First Village back.

Deadcat villages in Dreg and Outlands now have traders and gate guards instead of just locked gates.

Cannibal Hunters Expanded
You can talk to the Cannibal Hunters at their base The Bastion to turn in cannibals with a bounty!

Anti-Slavers Expanded
Anti-Slavers will take over many locations from the United Cities and Slavers if the Slave Masters are killed and use them as a base of operations. The player can build buildings and help rebuild these newly liberated locations.

Tech Hunters (game start or ally)
You can start the game as a Tech Hunter in a Waystation or you can join the Tech Hunters by talking to a Tech Hunter recruiter at a Waystation or a Bar in one of their towns. Tech Hunters will help defend the players outpost from bandits attacks.

Reavers (game start or ally)
The player can start as a Reaver recruit and help Reavers expand their territory! There are quartermasters in Ark and Reaver Camps that the player can trade with. Reavers will also help defend the player’s base.

Shek Kingdom and Holy Nation
The player can help the Shek Kingdom or Holy Nation in their war and help them take over towns (including the Hub!) and minor locations such as Holy Farms from the other. New Holy Nation unique characters have been added to Rebirth, Narko’s Trap and Okran’s Fist to act as World State triggers. This means the player can more conveniently wage war against the Holy Nation and take their settlements one by one.

The Holy Nation can also expand to the Desert and take settlements from the United Cities!

Rebel Farmers Expanded
If the player is allied to the Rebel Farmers they will take over many locations from the Slavers and United Cities if the Nobles and Slave Masters are dead. The player can help rebuild these locations. Many towns will be taken over by Empire Peasants if the player wins the war against Tengu.

United Cities, Trader’s Guild and Slaver Traders
The player can help United Cities, Trader’s Guild and Slave Traders take over settlements from their enemies and expand the territory. If Tinfist is killed, Slavers and United Cities will grow stronger.

Kral’s Chosen (game start)
Players that love challenge can start as a Shek allied to Kral’s Chosen and help them take over the Shek Kingdom and even the Holy Nation! Kral’s Chosen will in turn help defend the player’s base from their enemies.

Join the Swamp Gangs!
All Swamper gangs are joinable! Talk to the gang bosses about joining the Blackshifters, Stone Rats, Grayflayers or Twinblades!

Swampers Expanded
Swampers will get more active in the Swamp if the local bandit factions are defeated. You can encounter Swampers travelling between villages and so forth.

Joinable Dust Bandits
You can talk to Dust King at his tower about teaming up with the Dust Bandits.

Southern Hive
Fogmen take over Southern Hive’s villages and capital if the Southern Hive Queen is killed. But if the Western Hive Queen is alive, they will take over the Southern Hive if you kill the Fogmen!

Black Dog
Black Dog base is fixed and their HQ is no longer blocked by rocks. They also now have gate guards and don’t get instantly killed by Reaver patrols.

Joinable Minor Factions
You can join minor factions such as Mongrel or United Heroes League if you meet the requirements. Talk to a faction leader to find out more.

Yabuta Outlaws fixed
Yabuta Outlaws are now fixed. If Yabuta is released from prison, you can find him at Fort Simion if you’re not allied to Rebels Farmers. If you are, you can find him at Cactus Den if Sand Ninja Oni is dead.

Many more World State triggers
Many large and small locations will be taken over by another faction depending on whether important people are alive and who the player is allied to.

Helpful Towners
Many towns have one or more villagers that will help defend their home from wild animals and carry knocked out guards and towners to a bed if possible. This will help towns survive random animal attacks and not get wiped out so easily.

Mourn Expanded
Mourn has a bit stronger Tech Hunter presence so that the town doesn’t get so easily wiped out by Skin Spiders and Beak Things.

Improved Bounty Hunting
There are more bounties in the world and Bounty Hunters will try to collect them.

Shopping Visits
The player’s outpost can be visited by people wanting to buy things if there are neutral towns nearby.

NPCs can buy stuff and have first aid kits
Many NPCs now have basic first aid kits in their inventory so that they can fix their wounds after a fight. Also many NPCs with Shopping in their AI now have a little bit of money to buy basic things.

Writing and Scripting Fixes
Living World fixes many smalls errors in writing and scripting.

NOTE: Living World is 100% lore friendly and does not change the atmosphere of Kenshi or mess with the gameplay. This mod doesn’t add new factions or towns, or otherwise overpopulate the world.


Living World works well with various «Expanded» mods such as Circumsoldier’s Cannibals Expanded.

Reactive World works with Living World but there will be minor problem in the northern part of the map with Cannibals, Deadcat, Holy Nation and Rebel Famers. Swap the mod loading order if Deadcat doesn’t take over settlements from the cannibals if using Reactive World. Reactive World also changes cannibal shacks to stone mines which makes Deadcat Capital and villages look empty.

There can be some overlaps with other mods that affect world state overrides but you can choose which mod takes priority in the mod loading list.

Download: Living World [1.2 MB] (2021-11-28)

Author: Mad Scientist, wickylinn(ru)

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