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Have you ever been frustrated about the power draw of unused workbenches, or lights on in rooms with no pawns? I know I have. Why can’t pawns just turn things off when they aren’t using them? Now they can.

Now with mod support!

  • Pawns turn the lights off when they’re the last ones leaving a room.
  • You can choose whether or not pawns shut off specific lights (useful to keep common areas from flickering constantly).
  • Workbenches enter standby when not in use, drawing no (or less) power until a pawn starts using them again.
  • Should support most light mods, and should support most mod workbenches.


Save Compatibility

You should be able to add or remove this mod whenever you’d like without causing any disruptions to your save.


I developed this mod with performance in mind, so it should have a negligible impact on performance in most cases. However, as pawns flick lights on and off, they do cause lighting updates, which in Vanilla RimWorld seems to cause the game to update all lighting in the whole map. I haven’t noticed this to be an issue, but if you are noticing a performance impact from this mod, reach out to me and we’ll work out where I can lean the mod out to help!

Mod Options
  • Find the light flicking distracting? You can totally turn that off, and lights will act like vanilla again without affecting the workbenches.
  • Think workbenches pulling 0W at idle is a little cheat-y? No biggie; you can adjust the percentage of their normal idle power draw that they consume while in standby.
  • Still think it breaks the game’s power economy? I have GOT you. You can adjust the power workbenches draw when in use, too. Dial in the exact balance you want while still enjoying the luxury of not paying for it when you aren’t using it.


Planned Features

Here are some of the things that I’m working on for this mod:

  • Pawns shutting off lights when they go to sleep. This was previously a feature that I had included, but it had some issues that I’m having trouble fixing in a good way, so I’m retracting it until it’s in a better state.


Bugs / Feedback

This mod is still in development, so please report any bugs, compatibility issues, and suggestions in the discussions below!

Download: LightsOut [1.1 MB] (2022-04-17)

Author: juanlopez2008

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