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Lifetime Aspirations

Tired of fulfilling your life goals? Some of them are difficult to achieve even throughout the life of your characters. Do some tasks seem frankly superfluous or unnecessary, and it takes a very long time to complete them?

One of my biggest problems with The Sims 4 is how aspirations work. Instead of lifelong commitments like the previous games, they are more like extended tutorials. Finally, for me, this resulted in a superficial and one-sided gameplay. I also wanted the Aspirations to be more challenging, this should not be a guarantee that each Sim will fulfill their Life Aspiration IMO. They are believed to require some hard work, and maybe even a little luck.

— This mod remakes tasks to achieve the goal into simpler and more real ones.
— Now your characters are waiting for as many as 25 goals in life!
— Almost every life goal is achieved when you reach level 10 in a particular career.
— At each stage of your life goal, you will have only one task.
— The author has simplified not only the «original» life goals that are in the base game and various add-ons, but also additional ones from various authors, for example, such as Black Widow, Housewife and many others. In the future, the author plans to replenish the mod when new life goals are released from third-party developers.

My Sims used to be nothing more than digital slaves of the gratification point, but now they are gone!


     Transforms all aspirations (except Star Wars) into a single, more challenging goal.
     All upgraded aspirations are worth 5000 satisfaction points.
     Moves the Jungle Explorer Aspiration to the Locations category and hides the Star Wars category until the player visits Batuu.

Download: Lifetime Aspirations [1.7 MB] (2022-01-10)

Author: ky-e

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