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Kitsune Ammo Craft Brita [B41+]

Over here stranger. Got somethin’ that might interest ya.
This mod adds crafting recipes for bullets, magazines and a few misc recipes into firearms crafting.
All separate so you can choose which you want to use.

It is my first mod for Project Zomboid. It revolves around gunpowder for bullet crafting and metal for magazine crafting with a skill-cap of metalworking and reloading.

All ammo can be turned into gunpowder, which in turn can be turned into a different ammo at a skill and material cost.
Mags can also be crafted at a skill and material cost.
There is also Misc recipes to make your own gunpowder from scratch and charcoal from scratch for a renewable ammo source at a cost.

None of the upgrades such as silencers, scopes, bi-pods can be crafted just ammo and magazines. (Might end up doing a separate version with those recipes)

Since it is only revolving around vanilla items and crafting scripts it should be fine with any mod and future updates.

Should be fine to add to existing saves of the game and multiplayer, please inform me if there are any issues.

They’re located in «Firearm» search for «Create» and «Forge»

FAQ down below in discussions!

Thanks to the mod maker tutorials makers.

-NEW UPDATE- (2022-03-05)
+ Added Flamethrower Fuel
+ Added Flamethrower Tanks
+ Fixed bug where Britas overides Gunpowder resulting in infinite ammo. (9mm = 200 units now)(Gunpowder jar = 200 units now)
-NEW UPDATE- (2022-07-05)
+ Overwrite gunpowder again (Will do a full over-ride and fix gunpowder outright at some point) made gunpowder 0.1 weight.

Take a look at my other mods!

I do not feel okay with getting donations for this mod.
Please look to my other mods if you wish to donate.

Workshop ID: 2753868915

Download: Kitsune Ammo Craft Brita [B41+] [948.1 KB] (2022-03-18)

Author: Kitsune

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