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Kenshi Improvement Project


The mod Kenshi Improvement Project hopes to be a mod to influence and possibly change all or most aspects of the game to make Kenshi even more fun while trying to stay true to how the game is in vanilla.


Right now the mod is still very young, created on the day I’ve uploaded it, so it doesn’t have many features, but here are the features:

— NPCs now heal captured intruders (if they feel like it = not urgent ).
— NPCs will care about themselves when retreating than about other tasks e.g rescuing allies.
— Guards will «take care» of dead bodies in their towns.
— When Bodyguarding NPCs will heal the person/NPC they are bodyguarding (When possible).
— NPCs will try to heal themselves while assaulting towns (When possible).
— Increased max faction numbers (Player Characters, Squad Size, Max Squads) to 40, 25, and 14 respectively.
— Increased health of all early defensive gates (Lvl 2-5) to 454, 732, 1333, 1802, respectively, and the makeshift gate panel to 260.
— Balanced the spider type attack range from 18 to 25 for the blood spider, and 35 to 42 for the skin spider.
— One new game start (The Rich Explorer).
— Max attack slots set to 2 from 1, this makes it a bit harder to solo enemies but it’s a tiny bit more realistic.
— Bigger backpacks, changed the large, medium, small, thief, wooden backpack to W20-H20, W15-H15, W10-H10, W14-H14, W10-H10, respectively, (W=Width, H=Height) and increased weight of all previous backpacks by 1 kg.
— Dodge for martial arts is 20% faster to give martial artists more of a chance in combat and to avoid consistent dodging.
— Added bounties to most outlaw NPCs
— Military officers from major factions will often have bounties with opposing factions Changed inventory size of Fogman Prince Heads to 3×3.
— Added collectible heads to Fogman Heavies, Cannibals, and Scrawny Cannibals.
— Heads have low base prices, but traders from relevant factions will pay significantly more.
— You can join the Cannibal Hunters and they’ll take cannibals with bounties and pay for cannibal’s heads.
— Fixed the bug/issue where escaped/ex-slaves stand in front of the town doing nothing.
— Tweaked research time/costs for some stuff, for example, it takes fewer books and less time to research in-door lighting than lockpick training LVL 1, which makes no sense.
— Halved the cost of plants/seeds needed for all farms because, in reality, you don’t need much plant/fruit for a ton of seeds. (e.g 50 kernels per head of wheat.)
— Tweaked build time and cost for buildings, for example, a small farm takes the same time and costs to build as a large one, now the large one takes x3 the time and cost.
— Tweaked max operators of buildings, for example, a small farm has a max of 4 and large has a max of 4 as well, now the large has 4 while small has 2, was gonna make x3 but thought it might not work right.
— Changed the player’s default outpost name from «Your Outpost» to «Nameless Outpost» because it makes more sense to me.
— Changed Ashland’s «Sniper Tower» to «Watchtower» for obvious reasons.
— Changed names of other locations.
— Added unexplored names to some locations (sorry new players, be ready to be misled, it’s fun tho).
— Taking damage to the chest can now affect skills and now it can be severed because why not.
— Increased max workers of Iron resource mines by 3 and output by .5, from 1.2 to 1.7, Copper resource mines increased workers by 2 and output by .5, from 1.0 to 1.5 (Increased output to make sure solos can mine too).
— Increased max resources stored in iron & copper mines by x2 so added 5 each to the max of 10.
— Increased max stackable amount for many items.
— Added new food items, Dried Meat Pack, Large Gohan, There’s more to come.
— Added new items in worthless camp food, Dustwich, and Foul Raw Meat, and Rotten Food, 10, 30, and 100 chance of finding said items respectively.
— Many small changes, for example, a single basic first aid kit has a value of 200 while fabrics (the only item used to craft them) is 300, which makes no sense.
— One new research; Simple Wells, This nows requires you to research to get well 1 and the water tank.

Planned Features

While there are only a few features right now, I have big plans for this mod, here’s some of them:

  • Improving how the AI reacts in almost all situations.
  • Making the AI care more about life and death, mostly self-preservation and protecting/helping allies.
  • Adding more dialogue to all NPCs (That can talk).
  • Many More.
Load Order & Importing

Load Order: Very Bottom or some changes will be overwritten, even if other mods say they need to be last, if you don’t want some of the things changed however then don’t have this as the last one.
Import?: No, Unless you want all features, most will work without import.


Should work with all mods, but I can’t stress this enough, it must be last in the load order or ANY mod will overwrite some of the features, thanks Kenshi Devs.



The mod was made using game version 1.0.55 (experimental branch).
side note; there was gonna be a sister project called Kenshi Improvement Project, but I decided to just combine them with this one, previously AI Improvement Project.


Crediting me is all you need to do to use anything from my mod but you cannot earn money from my work.

Download: Kenshi Improvement Project [99 KB] (2022-01-16)

Author: Adeptus Freemanicus

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