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JRPG Vanilla

Extends the character making so that you can create a character that Japanese people like.
(This is a renewal mod of JRPGRace)

The supported races are Greenlander and Scorchlander.

If you start character making in the initial state, you will become a ghost.
It is recommended that you create your character in either of the following ways.

1) Import the sample data


Overwrite the contents of the unzipped folder with the Kenshi folder, and edit the imported character data in the character creation screen.

2) Use the «Template» slider

1.Reset the character to its initial state.
2.Use the «Template» slider to adjust the face.
3.Set the head skin to the one for JRPGs that have been added.
4. Adjust each slider to your liking. (It is recommended to make the body and neck thinner to improve the overall appearance.

The hairstyle basically has to be the one added by this mod to fit the size of the hair.

You cannot transfer the character from the old version of the JRPG race mod, but you should be able to use the mod at the same time.

Download: JRPG Vanilla [13.1 MB] (2021-04-09)

Author: willplus

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