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Mod name : Japanese-Castle
It is a fan mod . I’m not ONJOY.I am T-bag!!!
This mod add the blue print»Japanese-Castle».
You can get it in construction shop or hive shop.
It contains :
This mesh is based on Osaka Castle.I made this with looking the picture.But Many points are different.The real one is the far more beautiful than this.
Next is integrate these building mods to Castle building mod and start making my over whole mod.But i sometimes upload new building because i have no plan and love the freedom !!
2021/08/14 Version2 uploaded!!!
Some texture’s specular mult is changed 1 to 0.7.
Adding the new blue print»Japanese-Castle_Version2″.
You can get it in construction shop or hive shop.
it contains:
Japanese-Castle_01 : it is vanilla version using Genesis Texture.
Japanese-Castle_02 : adding new deco to 00.
I’ making this Mod.

Download: Japanese-Castle [30.932 MB] (2021-08-13)

Author: T-bag

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