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Immersive Solar Arrays

The next update will allow some Solar Panels to spawn in the world please see the discussion thread for location suggestions

The mod requires version IWBUMS Beta: 41.54+

Immersive Solar Arrays (ISA) adds a solar power system to Project Zomboid. It allows players to power their bases during the day, and during the night if they have enough battery capacity. ISA adds a number of new items to Zomboid, including solar panels, battery banks, deep-cycle batteries and recipes to convert car batteries into storage batteries.

You can right-click on a battery bank and select battery bank status, this will display information about the battery bank, like how many panels you have connected and if they can power the current devices connected.

All solar panels produce the same power. Three or four panels can power an average house.

If you use solar panels and the generator at the same time, the gas in the generator will be wasted. However, if you make a ‘Solar Fail Safe’ and place it on the same square as a generator, the generator will start up automatically when the solar panels don’t produce enough power and you run out of battery power.

Solar Panels produce less energy when it is cloudy/foggy/raining.

Also, during the year dawn and dusk start at different times, mornings start later in winter and earlier in summer.
The battery bank just needs to be placed nearby the solar panels, they can be one level above or one level below.

You don’t need to start a new game to find the items, but you will need to search a new area to find the mod items.

To get started you will need to train your Electrical to skill level 3 and find the magazine «New Advancements: Energy From The Sun»

Reading this magazine will teach you all of the relevant recipes to set up your own solar arrays.

To set up your first solar array you will need to find:

A Solar Panel Solar Panel
An Inverter Inverter
To create the most simple set up these additional items will be needed.

A Screw Driver to put it all together
Electric Wire x 6
Small Sheet Metal x 5
Electronics Scrap x 6
Metal Bar x 4
All of this will allow you to craft a Battery Bank and a Solar Roof Tile. Once these items are crafted you can place down the Solar Roof Tile and Battery Bank and provided there isn’t too many appliances nearby you should have power during the day!

Battery banks work like containers and you place the batteries inside them. Note that if you want to use car batteries you need to wire them first.

Solar panels and parts can be found in warehouses, sheds, electrical stores, garages and other places that would fit that kind of equipment.

Download: Immersive Solar Arrays [1.4 MB] (2022-04-15)

Author: Radx5, Bizarro

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