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How Much Fuel 41.51

How much fuel is there in the pump? (For Build 41.51+)

When I was a boy, my dad took me to his friend’s gas station. While dad was hanging out with his friend, I wandered the station, and noticed that there was a little display on the pumps indicating how much gas there was available for that pump.

I don’t know if those were on every pump in 1993, but for the sake of this mod let’s assume they are.

Right click on a gas pump for the context menu to check the fuel amount.

TODO: Display «Infinite» when the game is set for infinite fuel. Currently displays 1000 instead, because that is the amount PZ returns for infinite fuel.

Download: How Much Fuel 41.51 [0.117 MB] (2021-07-24)

Author: PseudonymousEd

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