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Allows you to host, entertain and recruit visitors.


Have you been wondering what the point of visiting factions is? Look no further, this mod is the answer.

— Convince visitors to join your faction!
— Increase faction relationships!
— Treat visitors well by providing them with rooms, guest beds and joy activities!
— Sell them junk by placing it in their shopping area! (shelves and containers work too)
— Happy guests will help out with your chores!
— Guests can be invited via the Comms Console!
— There is a tab that lists all present guests!
— You can set up dispensers as vending machines! Can be added mid-game.

Instructions and more information

Can be found HERE.

Load order

Hospitality works best when loaded as late as possible. You can safely put it at the end of the list.

Known incompatible mods

— Any mod that gives guests animals (or slaves),
— Giddy Up (works fine, but guests won’t use mounts)
— Colony Manager (you will need to start a new game, or your work priorities will be jumbled — you can use Fluffy’s Work Tab to prevent/fix this)
— Xenn faction mod (their guest groups won’t spawn)
— No water no life (guests will dehydrate)
— Custom storytellers that are not fully / correctly implemented (guest tab won’t show. Always load Hospitality after storytellers)
— Expanded beds
— Outfitted mod (guests won’t buy things)
— Area Inclusion Exclusion (pawns won’t spawn)
— Denser Beds (bunkbeds break when turned to guest beds)
— Ignorance Is Bliss (factions out of your tech range won’t visit)
— Keep Bed Ownership (guest beds can’t be destroyed)
— Simple Sidearms (will not work correctly if the «don’t drop equipment» option is on)
— Explorite Core (guests won’t be able to claim beds)
— Combat Extended (guests won’t show up, fixed in latest github version)

Recommended mods to use with

Snap Out!: Allows skilled wardens to calm people with a mental break down
Where Is My Weapon?: Downed pawns will pick up their dropped stuff again once they can walk
Multiplayer: This mod now works with multiplayer. However, I am giving NO SUPPORT, concerning that. You’ll have to find that in the multiplayer community. Only use multiplayer if you know what you’re doing.
Linux Harmony Fix to prevent crashes for Linux users.

Download: Hospitality [9.46 MB] (30.09.2021)

Author: Orion

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