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Have Some Personality Please!

This mod will add excitement to your game! No more idle chatting between Sims. They did not do anything that followed from their mood or character traits. By removing idle chatter, Sims now choose real interaction. Now they will ask about their day, kiss, tell jokes, get angry. A hostile Sim can approach your Sim at any time and beat him!

The interactions are based on several factors. If a Sim is angry, they are more likely to deal with negative interactions, or if they are romantic, they will want to choose romance over negative interactions. Their mood will influence the behavior of the Sims. If they are extremely insane, they should certainly shout at anyone and everyone around. They are less likely to befriend when they are angry. All interactions used are listed under their add-on or preference.

What this mod does:

  • Limits romantic interactions and opens them up as the relationship develops;
  • Sims can learn traits and careers from Soul Talk;
  • More interactions for aliens;
  • Cats and dogs with personality!
  • More independence;
  • There is no idle chatter;
  • Romantic actions for love affairs;
  • More independence for toddlers;
  • Interactions based on traits, moods, conversations and relationships;
  • Toddler behavior related to their traits;
  • Restrictions on woohoo and the ability to try to conceive a child.


The mod has points of contact with mccc mods (including ww), and some settings may start to work excessively or not quite as intended. The mod authors are aware of this and make some adjustments to the settings, but you should take into account that this is possible.

Addons (Select the desired add-on in the archive):

Restricted Romance:

With this add-on, most romantic interactions will be limited. Some of them will always be there to get you started. Once the Sims start getting a higher romantic level, new interactions will begin to emerge. This is a special test that the game will perform. This should NOT conflict with other mods as it is native XML that I created specifically for this test. This does NOT conflict with the MCCC Woohoo module. If you are not using this add-on, the romantic menu will display the same as in the Vanilla game.

As before, the restrictions in this menu are intended to help reduce and limit the amount of cheating Sims will perform offline. Without this add-on, there is a very high chance that your Sims and Sims in the area will cheat on their loved ones.

The interactions that appear first to get you romantically involved are:

  • Make a romantic gift
  • Air kiss
  • The appearance of the compliment
  • Express love
  • Any special mood interactions such as Bold Pull Line.

Sims Learn Info

I had a request that would allow sims to find out some information about other sims when they had a deep conversation. So what I did, since I know that not everyone wants to see a notification in the upper right corner every time a Sim recognizes a trait or career, I added this as an add-on.

Is it possible to set up notification only for an active family and not for all townspeople?
No, according to my research, this is hardcoded in the game and cannot be changed.

So basically this happens when a Sim, including a Townie talking to another Townie, is having a deep conversation with another Sim, there is a small percentage of chance they can learn a Sim’s Trait or Career. This will be notified in the upper right corner.

CHANGES: When I first created this part of the mod, it used loot actions that were already in the game to let Sims learn about careers and traits. As the changes changed the percentages in the original game, it affected other interactions that allowed Sims to explore traits or careers. For example: I have established that Sims should learn a small percentage of careers, which in turn has led to the use of the Ask a Career interaction also giving only a small percentage when learning about careers, in places where Sims have not always learned. … this is when they asked. It was my intention to change this, but I completely forgot about it. Thanks! c_s_w@hotmil.co.uk for mentioning this and reminding me that I am going to change how this works. This is what I did differently. This interaction now uses custom loot actions for Sims to get information. This means that the loot actions used in this expansion will no longer conflict with other mods and will allow other interactions such as “Ask for a Career” to return to exploring a Career at first request, just like originally.

 Personality Please! Cats & Dogs

Since cats and dogs are not playable in a vanilla game without the mod, I’m not sure how cats and dogs will act with these changes. The choice of interactions was tricky because I really didn’t know what they were capable of. I am not using the Cats and Dogs game mod, so I don’t know how the animals interacted. This is only at the testing stage, because there may be changes in the future. Let me know if there is not enough or too much going on. Your feedback on this add-on will help make this part better!

Some interactions were already autonomous, while others were not. Not sure if that would make sense if they weren’t autonomous when we couldn’t play with the pet at all. In any case, all interactions are tuned for autonomy, the chances of choosing an interaction have been increased along with the characteristics of cats and dogs, moods and relationships with each other and the sims, to also help decide if the interaction is used.

In this add-on, I hope to see animals really interact with each other. I played a bit with cats and dogs and all I ever saw is that they are interested in the area. I don’t see them interacting with each other. They do not play with cats or dogs outside the family. I found this strange. Interaction has to happen whether they are fighting or playing, it still has to happen. I hope this helps the animals communicate with each other. This has nothing to do with breeding! I am currently very unsure what codes actually do this in the game, there have been several, and without knowing what the in-game interaction actually says, this is a guessing game of sorts. At least that’s the case for me.

This add-on has several interactions. They are listed in the XML spoiler and will be at the bottom, I always add new XML to the end of the list in all my mods. Interactions for this consist of Pet to Pet, Sim to Pet, Pet to Sim, and Solo. I have a category below what they fall under. If you want to add something else, just let me know what interactions they are and why you think they need to be added, and I’ll take them into account. There is no guarantee that any interaction will be added, I am not going to change every interaction in the game.

Personality Please! Woohoo-TryForBaby

I added Personality to them as I did in the main mod so that they can be used appropriately. DO NOT use this if you are using the MCCC option with no strings. They are in conflict with each other. I have imposed restrictions on these interactions. Woohoo has to be a guy or taller to appear in a conversation. Try to have the child engaged or married to be born. I did this to help with an excessive child problem. I also changed the animation used. Sims will no longer act like cheering the game, but will behave more romantically. Different locations have different animations.


I made this part of the personality mod an add-on because maybe not everyone would like to have more personality in their babies. There aren’t many of them already, especially if you have a parent package. This does not require a parent package. Eventually, I plan on including some of the new interactions and the like from the parenting package in this mod.

About this add-on:
Having played here lately, I’ve noticed that nothing really says what kind of child, when and why he does certain things. They seem to be a little confused by their character and mood. There was a reason for that! Most of the interaction codes listed below do not say anything about personality traits, moods, relationships, or babies’ conversations! I decided to go and write new codes for all this for our mobile babies! So hopefully your toddler will now behave more in line with his mood, personality traits and based on his relationship with the sims, as well as the type of conversation they have.

This is WIP because it will take time to see how the little ones react. This may require some adjustments to get our little ones where we want them, so I ask for your help with this add-on as well. Tell me about your experiences with the little ones by playing with them for a while. Let me know if they seem to be more individual, and if this is in line with what was happening to them at the time. Also let me know if they can’t communicate either. Thanks for your help!

Interaction requests are welcome, but there is no guarantee that they will be added. Each of my mods is time-consuming and the most time-consuming to work on, so interactions will be added if I agree with the suggestions, want to add them, or think there is another one that needs adjusting.

Personality Please!

Это оригинальный мод, поэтому все журналы изменений выше будут включены в этот мод. Это разработано, чтобы помочь симам не обманывать симов, которых они не знают, и помочь контролировать количество флирта между симами, у которых нет отношений. Это не мешает симам жульничать, но уменьшает его. Прочтите WIP выше, чтобы узнать, как работает этот мод.

Download: Have Some Personality Please! [1 MB] (20.10.2021)

Author: PolarBearSims

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