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Gusoku Armor Set

Made an armour variant that follows up as close as possible with the game’s overall aesthetic/style, the purpose for this mod is to expand the overall content regarding heavy armor variant, and to allow the player faction to have it’s own unique style of heavy armor that nobody else in the map has, so it can act like a uniform of sorts, it has similar stats to the samurai armor but with pros and cons, stats may change in the near future.

In order to get your hands on the Gusoku Armor Set, your research station needs to be at level 4, you will also need 5 iron plates, 3 leather and steel bars and 2 ancient science book.

Download: Gusoku Armor Set [54.477 MB] (2019-05-30 17:31:00)

Author: Dilbert, 3DConductor

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