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Giddy-up! Mechanoids

If it’s possible to hack mechanoids with the What the Hack!? mod, why limit yourself to riding animals if you can ride deadly machines to battle. And why limit yourself to letting humans ride if you can let mechanoids ride animals, or other mechanoids! This mod brings Giddy-up! and What the Hack!? together and needs no further introduction.

This mod has three dependencies: Hugslib, What the Hack!? and Giddy-up! Core. Make sure to install these mods and place them above Giddy-up! Mechanoids. If you’re not familiar yet with What the Hack!? it’s good to take a look at the mod description of that mod before trying this mod.

— English
— Japanese (by Proxyer)
— German (by RoffeIchen)

The mod in action:

— Adds an upgrade module that can be crafted at the mechanoid workshop added by What the Hack!? Which allows the riding of hacked mechanoids on which it is installed.
— Directly controlled mechanoids (controlled with a controller belt or with replaced AI — all features of What the Hack!?) can also ride mechanoids! Only mechanoids that cannot be used as mount can ride mechanoids, so stacking mechanoids is not possible :).
— Mod options to configure which type mechanoid can be used as mount.
— Enemy factions that are allowed to use mechs (in the What the Hack mod options), also ocasionally use mechanoids as mount. The chance they do this can be configured in the mod options.
— Full support for other mechanoid adding mods.

— How can I let my colonists ride mechanoids?
First research basic hacking, the mechanoid workshop, and the Giddy-up! module. Then hack yourself a mechanoid that is allowed as mount in the mod options and craft a Giddy-up! module at the mechanoid workshop. Then install the Giddy-up! module (go to the health tab -> modifications, and select the module). Once the module is installed, you can select a pawn and right click an activated mechanoid and an option to mount it will appear.
— Doesn’t Giddy up! add animal riding? I don’t want that, I just want to let my colonists ride mechnoids. Is that possible?
Sure. As long as you only add Giddy-up! Core, and not the other Giddy-up! mods, there won’t be any animal riding.
— Help! I don’t have an option to install the mechanoid module!
Likely the mechanoid you’re trying to install it on isn’t allowed in the mod options, so check out those options and allow any mech you’d like to use as mount! Beware, this will mean enemies also use exactly those mechs as mount.
— Can colonists mount mechanoids that have turrets mounted on them? Can they use manned turrets while riding the mechanoid on the move?
No, both aren’t possible. It would look weird for unmanned turrets, and technical limitation simply prevent turret manning to be done while a colonist is moving.

— Right now, mechanoids can only be used as mounts for battle purposes. I might add support for Giddy-up! Caravan, and Giddy-up! Ride and Roll later.

— Madman666 for creating the sprite for the giddy-up! module. Thanks a lot!
— Pardeike a.k.a. Brrainz for creating Harmony on which this mod relies so much.
— UnlimitedHugs for creating Hugslib, and saving me a lot of time.
— The translators for making this mod accessible for a larger audience and doing a great job.

Feel free to add the mods to modpacks or to use the code or icons for other projects, though please credit me. Do however not release exact copies of my project, or exact copies with minor adjustments without my consent.

-Translations are very welcome. You can make a pull request on github if you want to add in translations, or you can contact me by sending a friend request.

If you really like my mods, please consider buying me a coffee. If anyone subscribing to my mods would just support me with 10 cents, I could make a modest living out of modding. Right now modding happens in the rare spare hours I have. Imagine how many mods I’d produce if I had more time for it :).


No longer active as modder

I’m currently no longer active as modder. I’m developing my own game now and I have an almost full time job, so I don’t have time to keep maintaining my mods. Since there’s no indication of any new versions of Rimworld in the near future, this shouldn’t be a problem for most players. However, newly released mods could be incompatible.

If you want to maintain this mod or expand it, please contact me.

Please read back comments if you have questions, and help each other when you know the answer to questions other people have.

The game I’m working on right now (with Oskar Potocki) is called Cursed Crew.
Cursed crew is a roguelike crew management game taking place on a 17th century ship in a fantasy setting. You control a captain that needs to keep the ship’s crew alive in a harsh world with environmental hazards, pirates, stowaways, sea monsters and more. More info can be found on the Discord server of our game:


You can also check out the Patreon page[www.patreon.com] of Cursed Crew if you’d like to know more, or if you’d like to support us.

If you really like my mods, please consider buying me a coffee, it would make my day 🙂

Download: Giddy-up! Mechanoids [5.0 MB] (2021-08-02)

Author: roolo

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