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Geological Landforms


Adds 30 landforms to the game, which generate biome-independently.

The goal of this mod is to make map generation more interesting and varied, compared to the vanilla experience of simply potentially having either a cliff or a coast on one edge of your map.

Landforms of the selected world tile appear below the «special features» section of the world map terrain tab. Some landforms only generate on tiles within the right temperature range, rainfall amount and other conditions.

Some of the landforms significantly affect gameplay and can make the game both easier or much more challenging in various ways. For example, Islands and Archipelagos are very remote but provide very little stone and ores, and Canyons and Rifts are very easy to defend and have plenty of ores, but provide very little natural resources like food, light, wood, and space to grow plants or keep animals.

The landforms are optimized for the standard map size (250×250). Using a larger map size should also be fine, but some of the landforms might not generate correctly if the map is too small.

Landforms list:
  • Coast (has a variant that stretches along tow edges of the map)
  • Cove (has a variant with an island in the middle)
  • Peninsula
  • Landbridge
  • Tombolo
  • Coastal Island
  • Island
  • Atoll
  • Archipelago
  • Dry Lake
  • Lake (has a variant with a small island)
  • Cliff (has a variant that stretches along tow edges of the map)
  • Coast with Cliff
  • Cirque
  • Valley
  • Canyon
  • Lone Mountain
  • Caldera
  • Rift
  • Crater
  • Oasis
  • Ice Oasis
  • Swamp Hill
  • Skerry (new!)
  • Badlands (new!)
  • Desert Plateau (new!)

Creating your own landforms

Pretty much everything about the landforms provided by this mod is fully configurable, including where and how often they appear on the world map, and how exactly they affect map generation. This mod includes a node-based landform editor that can be accessed from the mod settings.

If you would like to create new landforms, this is also possible. If you don’t know how the internals of RimWorld’s map generation and the math behind it work yet, I recommend using one of the existing landforms as a template, so you can play around with the values and see what they do. This works best if you have Map Reroll installed, this way you can quickly check how your changes affect the result. The new editor also provides limited live previews now.

Landforms are stored as xml files, so if you want to share a landform you created, simply upload its file to a filesharing service and post the link. You can find the landform files by clicking the «Open custom landform data directory» button in the mod settings.


> How is this mod different from other map generation mods?
Geological Landforms does not add or modify any biomes, and instead adds a separate layer to map generation that can then independently be applied to any biome, including ones added by other mods.

> How do events and raids work on islands?
All landforms (should) always leave at least one part of the map edge walkable, which allows events and raids to happen normally. For islands specifically, at least one side will always have shallow water to allow entering and leaving the map.

> Can I safely add or remove this mod from existing saves?
Yes. This mod only affects map generation and does not add any defs or saved data.

> How can I easily find a specific landform on the world map?
Select any tile, open the «Terrain» tab and click the «Search for specific landform nearby» button. Alternatively, you can install Prepare Landing which allows filtering all world tiles based on selected criteria. Geological Landforms contains an integration patch that adds a filter for landforms, you can find it in the «Terrain II & Temp» tab.

Recommended Mods

  • Clean Pathfinding: Enable the optional «Exit tuning» feature in the settings to fix pawns getting stuck when trying to find the map exit on some unusual landforms, e.g. Craters.
  • Prepare Landing: Allows filtering all world tiles based on selected criteria, including specific landforms, so you can find your perfect starting spot.
  • Map Reroll: You can reroll maps with landforms on them.


This mod should be compatible with pretty much everything, including mods that add custom biomes. If you encounter any problematic interactions between the landforms and content from other mods, please let me know.

  • Biomes! Islands: Compatible, however that mod makes deep water passable, which also significantly affects gameplay on many landforms.
  • Alpha Biomes: Compatible, landforms will generate in those biomes as long as the temperature and rainfall requirements are fulfilled.
  • ReGrowth Collection: Not extensively tested, but seems to be compatible. Landforms do work in ReGrowth biomes, with no known issues so far.
  • [KV] Configurable Maps or Map Designer: Compatible, but not all settings from those mods will still apply if there is a landform present. For those settings, use the landform editor instead to achieve the same effect.


The landform editor uses the C# library «Node Editor Framework» by Seneral, a flexible and modular framework for creating node based displays and editors in Unity.

Landform ideas:
  • Desert Plateau concept suggested by Aranador

This mod is inspired by multiple great mods from earlier versions which unfortunately seem to be abandoned. Geological Landforms does not use any content or code from these mods though.



Download: Geological Landforms [1.7 MB] (2022-05-13)

Author: m00nl1ght

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