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Fairies vs. Witches Mod

It’s here! This is a mod I’ve been working on for over a year and I finally feel that it’s good enough to release. Am I too picky about my work? Absolutely. Am I going to change? Absolutely not. There is SO MUCH MORE I want to do with this mod, so keep an eye out for updates and take a look at the bottom of this post to read the list of potential features that could be added in the future! This mod is heavily inspired by tv shows from my childhood such as W.I.T.C.H., Winx Club, Sailor Moon, etc. and contains over 100 custom animations, a few CAS items, some Buy Mode objects, custom sounds, and LOTS of gameplay, so let’s go over everything!

Revamped Sylvan Glade

You may notice that there are some new friends inhabiting the hidden meadow called Sylvan Glade… Fairies! Now trips to this little land will be much less lonely, as fairies will be seen roaming around, casting spells and challenging each other to magic spar sessions! Most importantly, you will meet the Ethereal Guardian, one of the more experienced fairies of the glade who watches over everyone and makes sure no intruders threaten their peaceful lives. A quick chat with them may even point you in the direction of becoming one of these enchanting beings! Of course, you can find your way to this place through the magical tree in Willow Creek, however there may be a more convenient way through a quaint little sculpture…

The Giving Fairy

In buy mode, you can find a charming fairy sculpture set atop a pedestal with her hand outstretched. She is said to provide nearby plants with excess health and nourishment, while inspiring sims to utilize their green thumb! However, if one were to be generous and offer her a flower or perhaps a pretty crystal, she may open a door to another land…


Most people assume spellcasters are the “witches” of The Sims 4, and those people are wrong! Until now, they’ve been hidden and forced to practice magic in secret, but now they’re ready to come out of the broom closet! Witches are darker and grittier than the spellcasters of the Magic Realm, dabbling in powers that are deemed too dangerous and inhumane to be tolerated. With the guidance of their spiritual ancestors, these magic-wielders can ascend in rank and gain experience as they study Witchcraft and battle each other or even fairies and spellcasters. There is much to be learned, including the history of witchcraft and why they are so disliked by other magical beings…

The Witchcraft Altar

An important staple in the aspiring Supreme Witch’s décor is the Witchcraft Altar, found in buy mode. This intriguing surface is carved from an unusual material and has several uses. Humans may find it relaxing to meditate before it and might even summon a surprise visitor… Witches, on the other hand, are able to use it to gain experience and hone their skill with their coven mates as well as cast special spells when Altar Configurations are in place. If certain objects are placed in just the right spot, magic will happen…

Power Sources

One of the defining features of fairies and witches alike is their ability to form intimate connections with various elements of the world. Once a witch or fairy has come into their magic, they can search for a source of power to draw upon, which will affect the way their magic manifests while casting spells or practicing. This will also influence the success rate, strength, outcome, and overall effect of certain spells and how easy or fast it is to learn them, as well as unlock interactions that are unavailable to other sims. Just start clicking on certain objects, or the sim under certain circumstances, to discover what sources you can choose!

The Books

Both fairies and witches have helpful guides to catalog their magical journeys! “The Fairy Handbook” and “The Guide to Witchcraft” are essential to keep track of your sim’s progress and learn new spells. Both can be found in buy mode, however there are also some other ways to procure them…

Perks and Spells

What would fairies and witches be without a little magic?? Well, worry not, because there are plenty of spells to be learned. As long as your magic skill is developed enough, or you have the right power source, any spell can be learned from the Fairy Handbook or the Guide to Witchcraft. Just keep practicing your magic and building Experience and you’ll be casting spells like a pro!

Alongside spells, perks can also be gained through increasing Fairy Form or Witch Rank! Perks are more tied to a fairy or witch’s personality and lifestyle than spells and they affect things like the speed of gaining skills, transportation, or the way one lives their life… These abilities can be developed at the Giving Fairy Statue or the Witchcraft Altar if a sim’s Experience is high enough!

CAS Items

Several CAS items are available, including many variations of wings in different styles, and are easily identifiable by a small icon in the upper righthand corner of the thumbnails. I admit that CAS item creation is not my strong suit, so there are some imperfections, but I wanted to include content that works well with the mod even if you don’t use any other CC. IMPORTANT: The wings included have a transparent mesh that uses the hat texture space and WILL conflict with any items that do the same. The Nymph Dress and Fairy Skirt also use texture space that will conflict with certain other CAS items, so it’s best to experiment and figure out what can be used together.

There is a special item called “Wing Skins” that you may notice do not show up in CAS. This is because they are meant to be invisible while a fairy sim is in human form. If you’re interested in knowing how to use them, there will be a small post about them on my tumblr.

Conflicts and Requirements

This mod overrides the venue_HiddenGlade and cauldron_Start_Potion tunings, as well as 12 interactions for binding and unbinding the familiars from Realm of Magic and will conflict with any mods that alter the same resources. 

***It appears that there are conflicts with a few of Zerbu’s mods, namely the Go To School mod and their mod that alters venues. Unfortunately, I don’t know if there’s any way to fix this conflict, but this is likely the cause of fairies not showing up in Sylvan Glade.

The Fairies vs. Witches mod requires only the Base Game and the Realm of Magic game pack to function. Some interactions require Seasons to be fully functional, but the mod will work perfectly fine without the pack.

*My other mods, Whitelighters and Expanded Mermaids, have also been updated with bug fixes and necessary changes that interact with this mod, so I HIGHLY recommend downloading those as well!

And that’s about it! I hope you enjoy this mod and I look forward to seeing everything you do with it. Please take a look at the future plans below to see what I have planned and what you might be looking forward to!


Q — «The fairy wings have a black box around them. How do I fix it?»

A — This is a graphical issue caused by using laptop mode. Disable it to remove the black box, or you can use the «fanciful wings», which are more compatible with laptop mode.

Q — «Why can’t I travel to Sylvan Glade? I get an error message and the game sends me back to the main menu.»

A — You need to update your game. The legacy version may also cause this problem to occur, which I cannot fix, unfortunately.

Q — «Why aren’t the fairies showing up in Sylvan glade?»

A — This is probably a mod conflict, likely with one of Zerbu/Zero’s venue mods.

Q — «Can I turn another occult (mermaid, spellcaster, vampire, etc.) into a fairy/witch?»

A — I have designed the mod to block other supernatural beings from becoming a fairy/witch because the special motives in their needs panel conflict. It is possible to create hybrids using cheats along with the Hybrid Stabilizer mod as long as both occults DO NOT USE THE ORB STYLE MOTIVE. This means Spellcasters should NOT be turned into fairies or witches at all.

Q — «You should change the mod to do *insert request*.» «I don’t like *insert feature*.» «Why don’t you change *insert feature*.» «You should add *insert tv show/movie ability*.»

A — I’m always open to suggestions and ideas, and I actually really enjoy reading what people want from the mod. However, a lot of this mod was designed in a way that works the best way possible with the game mechanics or because it was a purposeful aesthetic choice. I would prefer not to receive demands or specific requests to change the mod to fit a certain desire for one player. This is not directed at anyone specifically, just an overall request for the future. 🙂

Future Plans:

  • More, more, MORE spells and abilities!
  • Adding to and improving current spells and abilities.
  • More cross-mod compatibility with this and my other mods.
  • Expanding on the lore and backstory.
  • Extra features such as Witch Covens, goaled event Magic Battles, careers/aspirations, and more!

Download: Fairies vs. Witches Mod [56 MB] (2022-02-25)

Author: SpinningPlumbobs

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