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Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering — Forked

Originally inspired by Ykara’s EPOE, this mod sought to fix the reduntant, downright byzantine lines of code as well as bring the values of most prosthetics back in fold with the vanilla experience.

Today, EPOE Forked prides itself with near-impeccable item balance with intricate relations between cost and balance, as well as being written to seamlessly fit into the base game, ensuring only the best experience for its users.
Regularly updated and constantly evolving, EPOE Forked will scratch that super-soldier itch you’ve been having, while staying true to the vision of the game’s creator.

EPOE Forked features the following:

  • 70+ new, well-balanced prosthetics, all true to the vanilla format
  • Additional prosthetic tiers, such as the advanced bionic tier that fills gaps in the base game medical system
  • Specific soldier pawn upgrades, aimed at adding more flavour to combat scenarios
  • Organic and instinct optimising nanobots, specifically designed for those pesky Body Purist pawns
  • Engaging AI Persona Core implant that pushes a pawn to his/her limits, but beware the potential consequences
  • Frameworks for fixing a pawn’s illnesses or defects, such as frailty, dementia or alzheimer’s disease
  • Synthetic tissue for erasing those nasty scars that make Bob the most unpopular pawn on the Rim
  • 3 work stations that work at reduced rate without power and provide adjacency bonuses
  • Flawlessly implemented systems that ensure perfect compatibility with most mods, and open up opportunity for other mod authors to cooperate in the future
  • Disassembling (recycling) of all the abovementioned items as well as other mods’ prosthetics, fulfilling your dreams of keeping the Rim a clean place
  • With XML Extension active in your mod list, unlocks new mod settings to be used.

The Data Spreadsheet is here!
The EPOE/RBSE Comparison Spreadsheet
Those and many more, all at the click of a single button.
The list is ever-expanding, as the mod is actively being worked on and new ideas are being developed.

There are additional modules to further customise the mod, courtesy of Tarojun:
Royalty DLC Expansion
EPOE Forked Alien Expansion + Patcher

Remove workbench module**
Direct Crafting ONLY module **
Normal Crafting + Direct Crafting module **

** If you have XML Extension mod, you do not need these in your mod list, as the new options provided will have them as an inbuilt setting to toggle.
XML Extensions menu are accessed in Options, in a button directly below your normal Mod Settings button, named «More Mod Settings».

Scorpio’s Fixes ‘n Texture Pack by Scorpio, containing textures for the workbenches.
EPOE retexture [JGH] by jeonggihun, for workbench, MA-AI Chip and unfinished prosthesis textures.

Tarojun — Lead programmer
Aurani — Github and Rimworld Discord PR manager, tester
Victorique — Brand manager, design and balance lead

Contributors and special mentions go to:

dninemfive — Author of the EPOE Replacement Expansion and this mod’s first supporter
Leafzxg — Chinese translation contributor
Erdnussbrot — German translation contributor
Imranfish — Author of XML Extensions, which has allowed us additional tools to create mod settings.

Unable to equip gloves/boots when having both bionic arms/legs
This is a vanilla issue in how it classes added body parts. How it works is anything below the attached part is classified as removed. When it comes to equipping apparels, such as the gloves as an example, when you have both bionic arms, the game no longer consider the colonist having hands, resulting in it not able to equip them. Of course, by the logic stand point, they do have hands.
Use this mod: Prosthetic No Missing Body Parts. This will solve your problem, and despite it not tagged for version 1.3, it still functions without problems.

I can’t add bionic hands/foot to my bionic arms/legs
Lore-wise, the bionic leg/arm includes its own hand/foot section. You don’t add what something already has.


Chinese Forked Translation
Chinese Forked Royalty DLC Translation

This mod is not compatible with Rah’s Bionics and Surgery Expansion or with the original EPOE.
If you’re wondering if you can add this mod mid-game or remove it from your current colony, fret not, as it can be done without any issues. You’re encouraged to keep a backup save in all situations, but we can all but guarantee it won’t affect your save.

Due to popular request, it is now compatible with Combat Extended!
We have also added support for the Elite Bionics Framework!

With the use of XML Extension mod by Imranfish, brand new settings options is unlocked! Make sure to check out this mod!

Prosthetic No Missing Body Parts is a must have mod if you want your colonists to wear gloves and boots like normal when they have both bionic arms or legs. Despite displaying version 1.2, it still works for 1.3!

Download: Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering — Forked [6.6 MB] (2022-02-17)

Author: Aurani, Tarojun, Victorique

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