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Minimap mod.

Press HOME or POS1 key to show and hide the map.
The hotkey can be changed in PZ’s keybinding options menu.

  • Singleplayer
  • Split screen co-op
  • Multiplayer
  • Multiplayer + split screen
  • Admin mode (MP only)
Map display
  • View Mode
    Top-down or isometric map view.
  • Coordinates
    Find yourself. Set targets to navigate by.
  • Map Grid
    For short coordinates (e.g [a-14]) grid size is 1500 x 1500 tiles (5 x 5 chunks)
  • Day/Night Cycle Mode
    Tints map according to ambient lighting and night cycle.
  • Players
    All local splitscreen players will be visible on the map — shared by up to 4 players.
    Friendly faction members will be visible if they are nearby (up to maximum client download range ~200 tiles)
    Friendly safehouse members will be visible if they are nearby (up to maximum client download range ~200 tiles)
    Remote players will be visible if visible to a local player. (Line of sight)
  • Zombies
    Will appear if visible to a local player or very close (~5 tiles) (Line of sight) (Affected by hearing)
  • Safehouses (MP only)
    If you have claimed a house, it will appear on the map.
    If you are close to another player’s safehouse, it will appear on the map. (100 tiles)
    Safehouse owner shortcuts — right click other player icons for options to add or remove access to your home (MP only).
  • Vehicles + last vehicle location
    Vehicles the player can see will be visible on the map. (Line of sight).
    Last occupied vehicle and its last seen location will be saved temporarily to help remember where you parked. (until logout)
  • Custom locations
    Right click on the map to add a new map marker at that position, select a custom marker icon to edit or remove. The Add Marker button will add an icon at the current centre of the map.
  • Radio contacts
    If multiple players have radios (walkie talkie, HAM or vehicle radio) operating on the same channel, the map will allow you to see each other’s location across vast distances (up to the range of the radio). (Optional, receive-only/transmit-only options are available)
  • Line of Sight
    To see zombies, vehicles, other players, they must be visible to a local player (default).
    Being indoors or panicked reduces sight radius and view distance on the map.
    Aiming with a scoped weapon improves visual range on the map — better scopes give longer recon range.
    Gives bonuses and penalties for sight/hearing based traits. Supports all current vanilla traits.
    Everything loaded is visible to admins. (360 degree vision + wallhack)

    Line of sight is disabled in the b41 beta. It will not be re-enabled until b41 is released.
  • Map Building Info
    Draws rectangles for building boundaries. When explored by a player, the rooms will be drawn in as rectangles.
    Room names are determined by the PZ map info. Names are the same as those used in loot table entries.
    Room boundary data is not entirely accurate — rooms can be shapes other than rectangles.
    Boundary data is determined by min X/Y tile and max X/Y tile coordinates of the room.

    Experimental feature — not optimised for long term usage. Data storage is disabled (stores data for session only).

Don’t like seeing other players, zombies or cars on your map? You can turn these features off!
Use the settings icon to customise the map.
If there is a feature you would like added or an option I have missed, please comment or start a discussion thread!

Some features are incomplete, will be expanded in future updates.

Upcoming features
  • Translation support.
  • POI manager.
  • More map markers.
  • Coordinate sharing.
  • Map item.
  • GPS in-game items.
  • Additional charset support for custom map markers.
Performance Notes
UI refresh rate option (In PZ main options) affects the map refresh rate.
— Setting rate higher will refresh the map more often, with smoother motion and faster response time.
— Setting rate higher will use more CPU when the map is active.

Cell size determines map range — if PZ resolution is high, more objects will be loaded.
— Many objects loaded means more CPU usage when map is searching for new icons.

Large hordes can overload the map when group size filter is low.
— CPU usage is high when drawing or processing hundreds/thousands of icons.
— Change the zombie group size option slider to automatically combine zombie icons.

The map lags when fully zoomed out.
-Still WIP on a fix for this.

The map/icons look corrupted/compressed.
-Disable PZ ingame settings for texture compression and offscreen UI drawing and restart the game.

Server Notes

For client hosted server, it must be active under hosting options «Steam Workshop» and «Mods» menus.
For dedicated servers, it must be active under hosting options «Steam Workshop» menu.

Translations and community map support
Community map support guide is in progress.

If you have created a map and would like it to be supported please contact me so we can work together!

Translation support is in progress.
If you would like to add a translation please send me a message or leave a comment.

Map Tile Packs

Thanks to Trash Queen, additional map tile packs may be found here: Trash Queen’s Workshop

Download: eris_minimap [14.914 MB] (2020-06-29)

Author: eris

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