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[ELIF] SRTS — Helicopters

Ever wanted to fly through Rimworld with style and practicality? Well, helicopters are here to bring you just that, helicopters have always been the king when it comes to aeronautical utility, the ability for helicopters to land without a runway is incredibly useful, especially when secure spaces are of a premium due to pesky raiders trying to steal your tables, it also allows you to launch attack operations without needing an entire airfield to land on, which is great for retaliation and retaking your stolen tables.

We present to you, proper spinning top and tail propellers, for your eyes to consume, each helicopter has its own unique propeller, they ramp up during loading for takeoff and ramp down after landing as you would expect, and the rotors don’t spin when it’s not fueled, giving it that small sense of polish.

And of course, Helicopters also throw out a bunch of dust and dirt because of its high-speed upside-down lawn mower blades, so we made it so that dust effects will be emitted whenever the rotors are spinning, which gives it little bit of visual flavor.

By the time you reach late game, specialized helicopters should become more appealing for you, we have designed 5 helicopters for 5 specific use cases, saturation bombing, strategic bombing, fast deploy extra-long-range transport, a huge capacity but slow transport, and a huge capacity fast transport, but be careful this one is fuel hungry.

Are you looking for a translation? Well, here’s a list of available translations that have been published in the workshop for this mod (Note: we are not responsible for any inaccuracy in the following list of translations).

Did you make a translation and want it to be shown on this list for people to easily find? Just post the link to your translation down in the comments and we’ll add it to the list.
Available Translations:

If you happen to notice any incompatibilities or partial incompatibilities, feel free to inform us so we can inform and warn other users of possible incompatibilities with other mods.
Compatibility list:

  • None at this moment

Partial Incompatibility list:

  • Combat Extended – requires this[github.com] SRTS version for bombings to work. (I don’t play with CE so I may be unaware of some issues)
    In order for bombing to work, reset the mod options for SRTS, and follow this mod order:
    — Harmony
    — Core
    — Royalty (Optional)
    — Ideology (Optional)
    — SRTS CE Fork
    — SRTS Helicopters
    — Combat Extended
    NOTE: It is normal for this mod to look for the original SRTS, this is because the SRTS CE Fork uses a different packageID and at this moment there is no fix, so its normal to get a warning in your mod menu for missing mods.
    >Huge thanks to Akitsuki for helping me figure this out<

Incompatibility list:

  • None at this moment

Q: Can I ask a question?
A: I mean you already did, but sure.

Q: What’s the difference between Precision Run Cap and Bombing Run Cap?
A: Precision Run Cap is how many bombs the helicopter will drop during Precision runs, while Bombing Run Capacity is how many bombs it will carpet bomb during Bombing runs.

Q: Can I add this mod mid-save?
A: There shouldn’t be an issue with adding this mod mid-save.

Q: Can I remove this mod mid-save?
A: We do not recommend removing mods mid-save, but if you really want to, it should be fine.

Q: Can I suggest a helicopter?
A: Sure, but do not expect a reply or an acknowledgment, we’ll think about it, but with my busy schedule, and other projects I plan to make, it might not be feasible.

Q: Can I create translations/localizations for your mods?
A: Sure, in fact, we welcome translations from other users, simply inform us down in the comments and we’ll put a link to your translation on the workshop above, so people can easily find them.

Q: Do you plan on porting this to Phil’s Vehicle Framework?
A: Yes! Once it’s released, we will immediately try to port this to Phil’s Vehicle Framework, along with some changes and improvements to make use of the new features of Phil’s Vehicle Framework.

Q: Can I reupload your mod at other sites/update your mod for you and publish it?
A: No, we strictly would like to ask that you do not reupload or publish an updated version of our mod without our permission, we consider such things rude and we will ask for them to be taken down.

Q: Combat Extended compatible?
A: Refer to the compatiblity section.

Q: Why can’t I see the Helicopter Icons on the world map?
A: Well due to how helicopter textures work, there are 2 work arounds:
1) launch to an adjacent tile first, then launch from the adjacent tile to your real destination.
2) Turn off «Dynamic World Textures» in the SRTS options.

— Art, XML, and Mod by ELIF.
— C# by LimeTreeSnake.
— Huge thanks to people over at Drunken Frog.
— And huge thanks to the people over at the official Rimworld discord server.
— Rimworld is owned by Tynan Sylvester.

  • West blueprint is offset incorrectly. (minor issue)

Download: [ELIF] SRTS — Helicopters [27.5 MB] (2022-02-25)

Author: 《ELIF_》, LimeTreeSnake

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