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Education Overhaul

As it turned out, not many of us like to play with children and teenagers, because they are not worked out the way we would like. Take, for example, the education system — for example, it is almost not implemented in the game, but we want as much realism as possible, after all, this is a simulator. As always, mods come to our aid. The author has worked in detail on preschool, primary and secondary school education in general, even military schools and various training options will become available to you, as well as much, much more! Believe me, with this mod you will want to play with children and adolescents as long as possible, but let’s figure it out in more detail!


— A new Education career path for teachers with new assignments, challenges, new career goals, education system redesign, support for degrees and university career rights, including custom degrees.
— Characters need a degree in art history, biology, economics, literature and languages, physics, psychology, or a custom educational degree from Zero to jump to a branch.
— A new daily activity will be available — Teaching Methods Research.
— Assignments for work at home. Here you will already need to respond to parents’ emails, study teaching methods, write progress reports, attend department meetings.
— And also new career goals will be added for the initial stage and the «Educator» branch.


— Toddlers will have the opportunity to attend preschool on Mondays-Fridays for about 7 hours.
— In order to enroll your baby in preschool, just click on it.
— While the kids are away, their needs will be met, they will also acquire skills and enhance their character traits, and you will also have the opportunity to leave them at home by canceling the interaction with the preschool.
— Please note if you are traveling outside the lot with other characters, the toddler will return from preschool when you are at home again. But sometimes the baby can return home earlier or go to kindergarten.

— There will be several new educational options for children and adolescents.
— As well as two independent / private preparatory schools:
— Wintercrest Preparatory School
— SimCity Academy.
— And two more new alternative options for public education:
— Bedlington Latin School (specialized examination school)
— Alternative School «Stryker» (alternative school for children with learning difficulties and behavioral / socio-emotional problems).
— Two experimental boarding schools:
— Military Institute Fort Starch
— Huntington Preparatory Academy.
Boarding schools is an experimental feature! They may not always work as expected. If they don’t suit you, pick up your child using your phone or computer and just choose another school.


— For admission to new schools, an application is required, which must be completed on a computer (in the «School» menu in the «Career» section). And also pay the application fee, write a personal statement or essay and take a guided tour / interview / assessment.
— After writing a personal application and attending the excursion / interview / assessment, you will need to go back to the computer to submit the final application and pay the private / independent school fee.
— If the application is accepted, then only parents will be able to enroll their children, as well as pick them up from school.
— After submitting the application, your character must receive a response from the admissions committee within 4 hours. You have 24 hours to enroll a student if accepted, otherwise the place will be lost. But do not despair if you did not have time, because you can reapply in 5 days.
— Characters who receive a Fail in any school have a chance of being dropped out and sent to the alternate Stryker School.


— After growing up to adolescence and during vacations, your character who is studying in a boarding house will return home for a two-day vacation and then return to boarding school.
— Added the ability for your characters to do their homework online. The option is available in the Career menu.
— If your character spends most of his time at school (through one of the new interactions described below), or sleeps in class, disrupts classroom order, fools around, or is caught doing homework, chances are he will be left at school after school.
— The detention generally lasts about 2 hours.
— The possibility of detention is entirely dependent on the student’s grades. The worse they are, the higher the risk.
— If a child is detained, then his parents can punish.
— New actions for students:

    To be fooling around
    Participate in group work
    Cheat homework
    Study hard
    Disturb the order
    Sleep during lesson
    Attend club meetings
    Take notes

— Characters enrolled in all schools, including the private school from the «Private School» mod, will no longer be used 

Children are required to attend school in the summer. They will rest all summer and will automatically return to school the next weekday fall. Of course, parents can send their children back at any time through the «School» menu on their phone or computer.


— Now at the beginning of the day, students will have a small chance to go on one of six excursions with classmates instead of boring school:

    Art Museum

— At the end of the trip, they will receive a special moodlet.


— Sims parents can sign up for parent conferences, meetings and learn about the success of their children.
— Well, and where without prom and school dances!
— They now happen randomly during school evenings.
— Graduation now occurs automatically on the last day of a teenager’s growing up in the next age category.
— If you have aging turned off, you can manually select a graduation for your teenager, but this will not cause him to age.
— School Photo Day can now randomly happen during or at the end of a school day for both teens and kids. Your character will receive a notification about this, as well as a random moodlet.
— During the last 3 days as a teenager, Sims will be notified that they have the opportunity to take an Academic Aptitude Test via their phone or computer. Moreover, passing the test will significantly increase their academic performance.

Good grades and exciting learning!

There are 3 versions of the mod: (READ CAREFULLY, so that no questions arise later), install only ONE of them:
— EA Default (No Uniforms) — There is no custom uniform in this version and all schools, including private ones, have a default uniform setting (casual). This will allow you to plan a daily outfit for your child, and you will need to change into it before school as usual.
— Snowy Escape — This version will allow you to choose a Snowy Escape shape for each age and gender for all private school forms (there are already selected forms for each age and gender in the folder). If you want to change them, replace the files in the SnowyEscapeUniform folder with the ones you want.
— BG Custom Uniforms — There is a uniform for a private school that is compatible with the base game. (some people have had problems with this version, so be aware).


— Base game
— Supplement «University». For educational careers only. If you don’t have it, the rest of the mod will work, but none of the new features in the Education branch will be available ..
— Expansion «Snowy Expanses» With it you can choose the uniform that your children will wear in the preparatory school.
In no case do NOT change the name of the mod!

Compatibility and conflicts:
— The KS Education Bundle is compatible with one exception: the Better Schools folder will conflict and not needed with this mod, since similar options are included in this mod.
Delete the files KS-Better Grade School mod.package and KS-Better High School mod.package.
The rest of the Education Bundle is fully compatible.
— Kuttoe’s Career Overhaul is compatible with this mod with one major exception: the Education Career Goals package in Kuttoe’s Career Overhaul.
To avoid this problem, simply delete the Kuttoe_CareerReqs_Education.package file located in the Kuttoe Career Overhaul Suite- Career Goals / Discovery University Careers section.
Do not use this pack with this mod; they are incompatible and will cause problems.
— The My School Milestones mod will conflict with this mod as these options have been overhauled and integrated into this mod. Remove this mod!
— Zerbu’s Go to School works with this mod, but if you choose to follow your kid to school, you won’t get a chance for additional assignments, new out-of-the-box activities, or getting punished. These options are only available in the school rabbit hole. You will not get the opportunity to follow your character to school if you are enrolled in a boarding school or independent / private school.
— Zero’s Required Degrees for Promotions-UNI will conflict. The rest of the mod does not conflict.
— Zero’s Teens Jump to University Mod will conflict.
— Mandatory school uniform from Zafire will conflict as it was included in this mod.

Download: Education Overhaul [1.26 MB] (2022-01-21 / v3.4)

Author: adeepindigo

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