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Edo Themed Expansion


The Edo themed expansion is a mod that adds a number of new armor sets, weapons, traits, buildings, plants and even a biome, it is a combination of my previously standalone mods Edo Themed Armor and Edo Themed Buildings. The Expansion is built primarily on my whims of what I want for a feudal japan playthrough I’m planning, so it does have a bit of a random feel to it, as it was designed to be played alongside existing samurai mods.

Not to say it can’t be played by itself, i’ve done my best to fill in gaps and make it a more complete experience, but the mod is still a w.i.p at the moment.

On that note, I am always open to both item and balance suggestions, while I can’t guarantee i’ll agree with your ideas I’ll never fault someone for voicing them, so please if you have an idea or think an item is unbalanced leave a comment.

If you used the original mods
Disable both «Edo themed Armor» and «Edo themed buildings» They are both included in this pack alongside the new content.
If you use the original separate mods in one of your saves, it is perfectly safe to disable both «Edo themed Armor» and «Edo themed Buildings» and replace them with this mod. While the save file will report a change in the mod list, all your items will remain.

It does NOT include
Ghost of tsushima music pack
Stand alone hotspring retexture
or Edo themed Instruments

Item list
Removed due to word count limit, please refer to images.

Translation patches

Deutsche Übersetzung by Tausret

中文翻译 by MZM_GOW and GratuitLancer

if anyone makes a translation patch just leave a comment and I’ll include a link.

Recommend to use with these mods

Ancient Eastern Armory

T’s Samurai Faction, My mod contains a number of redundant weapons, if that bothers you use My redundancy removal patch

Both T’s Samurai faction and Eastern Armory add similar sets of armor, but the eastern armor has extra ones. I believe T has a patch for removing the redundant items.

Erin’s Japanese Furniture

Velcroboy’s Japanese Revival

Dub’s paint shop also works nice with the Kimono.


Why merge the mods?

While developing what would be the third major «Edo themed» mod «Edo themed Weapons» I came across some problems. For example, shouldn’t a forge be a part of edo buildings? but then I would need patch operations or set dependencies, and the whole point of keeping them separate was to pick and choose.

Ultimately I decided to merge them together, not only does this make it easier for me to manage, but it also allowed me to do research trees and building tabs.

But I only want one of them
The original mods are still useable, although they lack the new content you can keep using them till the cows come home, or the game gets updated. While I will not be maintaining the originals, I give my full blessing for anyone who may want to take it upon themselves.

Can I disable the Bamboo forest biome?
Yes, Edo themed expansion makes use of Vanilla Expanded Frameworks toggable patches, so you can tick on the «Edo Themed Expansion: Biome Removal» patch to remove the bamboo forest, although it requires a game restart to take effect.


T’s Samurai Faction, Built in compatibility, plus a redundant item remover here

Built in support for V.E Fishing.

BB body support.

C.E, Not compatible.

KV] configurable map will cause problems with bamboo forest generation, one uncovered example is increasing the fertility slider caused the map to be covered in mud. Other sliders could cause similar effects, not extensively tested though.

Made Susuki grass plantable,
added acknowledgement in mod description for Kofi supporters.

Updated the side texture for the Torii gate, the rotated version always bothered me, I finally got around to fixing it.

Previous updates are archived in discussion forum tab.

Know Issues
The Torro and Chabudai are inverted in faction bases, I’ve tried fixing this and can’t for the life of me figure out why its happening.

Sometimes when generating religion the red error «Grammer reccured too deep while resolving keyword» is spat out into the log, once again I don’t know what’s causing this or how to fix it, but it is harmless as far as I can tell.

Special thanks

VE team for their fantastic framework.

All the modders who helped me troubleshoot some pesky issues.

Kofi Supporters!
Their names:


Thank you very much for your generosity!

Final words

If anyone should so desire to support me, leave a comment. Seriously, its free and I love to see em.

But since I was asked once, if anyone has some extra change burning a hole in their pockets, I have a Ko-fi now.
Ko-Fi Link [ko-fi.com]

Download: Edo Themed Expansion [31.7 MB] (2022-05-08)

Author: Hei

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