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Dylan’s Sensible Zombie Loot

This mod is tuned towards Extremely Rare Loot. Feel free to edit the mod and upload your own version to match your settings and/or server

This mod was made with multiplayer in mind. Like other survival games when you kill a mob you will have some likelihood of getting a none-valuable item. Perhaps it maybe a tissue or a can of peas. This mod aims to create sustainability for multiplayer where you can some what take care of your human hunger, thirst and very basic protection by involving yourself with combat. Will it help you thrive? no. But it will help you stay alive.

You can find some basics such as crisps, water, peanuts, hammer, glue etc. Nothing fancy. Just some basic items that might help you float above death for a bit longer.

The intention of the mod is to make a new visitor on your server have a more rewarding and pleasant experience without going overboard and drop feeding them ridiculously good items.

Download: Dylan’s Sensible Zombie Loot [82 KB] (2021-12-19)

Author: Dylan

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