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Dwarven Weapons

TL;DR: Adds craftable axe, maul (warhammer), and gladius (short sword). Adds unique weapons and recruits that can be found, hidden in some lore. This mod receives regular updates

The latest update:
  • This one needs an import or new game
  • Added two dwarves, with a location, map and «quests» to gain their trust
  • Added two unique versions of the dwarven gladius
  • Changed the way that the player finds hints for the axe of belegost (unique axe)

    Previous update:
  • Added the Dwarven Gladius, available in the Dwarven Weapons Research blueprint. It is a short sword perfect for a dwarf as a secondary weapon. For anyone that has the mod already, it will be available without import.

    For older updates: Check the change notes on the right.

    What does this mod do?
    • At the moment it adds 3 weapons (axe & maul & gladius) to the game that can be crafted by the player.
    • It also adds unique versions that can be found in the world (currently excluding: none)
    • Hints to find the uniques are hidden in certain locations, start at places that sell maps
    • The blueprint for crafting the weapons can be found in most locations that sell common weapon blueprints.
    • All weapon models that can be crafted in the vanilla game are supported with textures.

    What will be added in the future?
    • More weapon types
    • More questlines
    • More dwarves
    • Dwarf race? Maybe

    What else?
  • Import required unless you start a new game anyway
  • Updates add new weapons automatically, at least the ones that can be crafted by the player
  • It works with the Genesis mod pack
  • Mod order: Put it behind GUI/Textures/Weather changing mods just in case, besides that it doesn’t matter
  • This is my first real mod. Things will probably look unpolished and there might be spelling mistakes, but with time things will improve (hopefully).

Download: Dwarven Weapons [10.730 MB] (2021-09-23 20:59:00)

Author: joetrader

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