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Dubs Bad Hygiene Lite

Adds toilets, bathing and hygiene-related needs and mood effects. Lite version of my Bad Hygiene mod

Adds hygiene and bladder needs to pawns.

Standalone version of the lite mode available in the full mod Bad Hygiene

No plumbing or sewage and water management.

Best for roleplaying or cosmetic use.

Get the full version of Bad Hygiene which includes plumbing, central heating and more Here

Includes these buildings
Stall doors
Water tub
Litter box
Smart toilet
Towel rail
Bath mat
Bath tub
Simple shower
Power shower
Swimming pool
Hot Tub

WIKI Take me to the wiki[github.com]

Works with existing saves!




Discord for my mods: Discord[discord.gg]

Github Releases[github.com]

French by scribio. Their Discord[discord.gg]
Russian by Ninja Kitten
Chinese by BOXrsxx & BiscuitMiner 边缘汉化组 中文Mod合集
Czech by Ralph Shepard Feedback[prekladyher.eu]

Download: Dubs Bad Hygiene Lite [6.7 MB] (2022-04-26)

Author: Dubwise

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