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Dingo’s Trade Mod

Simple trade mod allowing you to purchase certain guns, ammo, and gear mainly from Britas weapon and armor pack. Some tools, as well as limited consumables are also for sale.

I’ve limited the weapons for sale to the more basic kinds. They are all priced fairly high to act as a bit of a balance.

Sell jewelry for cash with the use of a HAM radio. You can trade the cash for credit cards to lower the weight in your stash, trade the cards back for cash when you want to buy something. Alternatively if you use the greenfire mod you can grow and sell your product for large sums of cash.

I’ve tried to balance it to not be to op, but this is my first attempt at any sort of modding.

To access the «shops» simply open the crafting menu by pressing «B»(This is the default keybind)
Have the money and HAM radio either in your inventory or in your vicinity.


Buddies Guns — Prices might be high, but it’s only because of the panic buyers.
EssGee Ammo — All your Ammo needs.
MagGun Warehouse — All your Magazine and cartridge feeding device needs.
Planet Optics — Accessories and Optics.
Operator Outlet — Some how they still deliver gorka suits in the zombie apocalypse.
Hazard Freight — Tools, sometimes shady in quality.
Fence — He’ll take all the stolen jewelry you can find.

Things coming soon:

Plaster and paint.
Walkie talkies to be allowed for trading as well has HAM radios.
Small selection of melee weapons

Download: Dingo’s Trade Mod [923 KB] (2022-01-15)

Author: DingoDoge

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