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Def’s Long Term Survival [b41]

BIG NEWS !!! — please read
I have recieved a little gift a little early (my newborn :)) which causes my schedule to slip a bit … the modular rework is still in works but only during time I am able to save from my personal life. Not sure for how long, so please be patient.

Complete overview is on the wiki https://github.com/DefbeatCZ/DefsLTS/wiki.

In short: Food preservation, more foraging, simple metalwork, plastic recycling, kitchen sink chemistry, packaging, logistics, zombie loot, car trunks increased … All based on real life!

Please report any bugs so I can squish them!

Workshop ID: 1962914415

Download: Def’s Long Term Survival [b41] [547.8 KB] (2021-12-17)

Author: DefbeatCZ

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