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This mod will add two new factions to your game — Cybercriminals and the Order. The Order seeks to destroy crime and is in constant war with it.

You can choose your side and help it by hacking into hostile persons within the Darknet world.

If your title is high enough, you can contact persons on the Darknet.

You can also hack users, increasing your reputation with the opposite faction.

You can gamble with criminals hoping to win big money:

The Order faction has trump cards up its sleeve. Some, especially large armies, will be led by commanders. They wear special armor called the commander’s armor. The AI ​​will use all the abilities that the armor has.
You can watch a detailed video in the attached videos.

Original Russian translation
Original English translation
Chinesee translation: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2586072443

Need start new game : Yes! This is absolutely certain.
CE: No at the moment




Download: Darknet+ [1.210 MB] (2021-09-04)

Author: DimonSever000

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