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Cruxmyth Customizations

Required: Devious Desires

This mod is designed to integrate animations from the WW mod into the DD mod.

Install the file at: Electronic Arts / Sims 4 / Mods / mod_data / deviousdesires / animation customization.

The goal of this mod is to be properly tagged when the animation appears so that if sims are doing foreplay animation or animation in which they don’t need to take off all their clothes, or if the Cum layer from the animation can be applied to multiple areas, etc. so that they are all done as best as possible.

The animators have put a lot of effort into creating these animations. Animations that only last a few seconds can sometimes take days, weeks, or even longer. With all this, it can take animators ages to go back to every animation they’ve ever created, so using this tool I plan to help out on the backend. So the creative idea behind these animations, as I believe, will be detailed using tags as well as any alternative contexts in which the animation may be used.

Download: Cruxmyth Customizations [150 KB] (13.03.2022 / v1.24)

Author: Villianize

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