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Crowns and Regalia

Adds 3 Crowns to the game, fit for an Emperor of your Colony
great for your medieval or Royalty playthrough

(NEW) They now are able to be spawned as Relics, I’ve also adjusted a few stats

They require the the Royal Clothing Research if you have Royalty and Smithing if you don’t

all have a stuffable variant and a normal variant.
current crowns include:

~ the Reichskrone (Crown of the Holy Roman Empire)
~ the Byzantine Crown (Crown of the Eastern Roman / Byzantine Empire under the Komnenos Dynasty)
~ the Emerald Crown

Stats and stuff are based off of the stellic crown, so if you have better stat suggestions, feel free to tell me.

FR / French Translation included in mod courtesy of qux
CN / Chinese Translation: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2589998366&searchtext=

Commissioned the Art from @DanDMan68#7993 on discord

Download: Crowns and Regalia [1.637 MB] (2021-09-26)

Author: Canon

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