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Comigo’s Bridges and Platforms

Two new bridges/platforms — one is for medium buildings, and another one is for quick construction of walking surfaces.

New floors (Structure tab)

Wooden log bridge
Anything but quality, this bridge was laid hastily and with fewer resources (7 wood per cell compared to vanilla 12). Not the best thing to walk on, but still does its job. The bridge cannot support any structures and is very fragile.

The bridge comes in three variants for marshes, mud, and water to match these terrains in color.

Floating platforms
Each cell requires 10 wood or steel and 15 chemfuel. Requires «Floating platforms» research, which requires vanilla «Biofuel refining».
These platforms are linked wireframes that hold polypropylene canisters filled with air. Canisters inside wobble and slow people a bit. Platforms can be anchored and support more heavy structures, though you still can’t build the heaviest ones. Still, solar panels, whole dinings, and even workshops with their benches are kept afloat here.

The platforms come in two variants: with a wooden or a steel frame. The steel one is more resistant to explosions and less flammable but takes more time to build.

The mod should be compatible with e v e r y t h i n g, as it is a purely XML + graphical mod.

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Download: Comigo’s Bridges and Platforms [1.658 MB] (2021-07-16)

Author: The Divine Elf

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